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Happy Healthy Parent is a 9 week program tailored for parents and people who could benefit from support parenting themselves, knowing that they are worthy of the same love, nurturing and care that they give to those around them. This intuitively guided and personalized program will help you get the one-on-one support you are worthy of and find a happier, healthier way to move forward feeling more than “good enough”, just as you are.

As a parent, you are always doing the very best you can and sometimes life can get so busy and stressful that you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone give yourself what you need and desire most. I help you to make YOU a priority and trust that by filling your own cup, you will be filling the cups of those around you too! When we give ourselves what we need, it truly has a positive ripple effect for all those around us, including our families and the little ones we love so much! But to have a happy healthy family, you need to be a happy healthy YOU! 


You deserve to have a safe space to feel held, supported, loved, and accepted for all that you are and all that you do! I believe it takes a “village” to raise a family (and do just about anything)! We all thrive when we have support, connection and people who believe in us, see what is possible for us so we can believe it and experience it for ourselves!


This program will guide you to:
  • Make ‘you time’ a priority and add in more self-care and playtime in your schedule.

  • Figure out fun ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and your body’s innate ability to heal itself, while allowing you to sleep deeper and more restfully too! (YAY for sleep!)

  • Identify your core needs (and dreams!), what you really want in your life and have the confidence to do it and ask for it without the guilt. (Often when our core needs were not met as a child, we could use support parenting ourselves and ensuring these needs are being met now and believing we are worthy of what we truly want) 

  • Be a more loving and nurturing parent to your own inner child, allowing you to be a more loving, nurturing parent to the little ones in your life.

  • Develop the feeling of safety, unconditional love and acceptance within, without needing to find it in others. Feel good enough within without needing to find this feeling outside of yourself. 

  • Experience more forgiveness, gratitude, and presence. Find a way to find your calm in the chaos and learn tools for when you or your child is experiencing a challenge, a big feeling and you aren’t quite sure what to do. 

  • Create a daily routine and “feel good toolkit” to help you navigate these feelings, challenges and “prickly moments” that life can sometimes bring. Feel more at ease and empowered in these times to move through them with love, compassion and courage to keep going (and growing!) 

If this sounds like something that could support you, book in your connection session so we can get to know each other! It's always a good idea to find out how working with someone will feel like to see if it's a good fit for you! :) 



What people have shared after working with Amanda:


I can’t really put into words how meeting Amanda has changed me. She is truly inspirational and her positivity, enthusiasm, and kindness are contagious. Amanda has really helped me to see things differently and accept what is and what could be. I will be forever grateful for her. I met Amanda during one of the most difficult periods of my life. At the time, Amanda was brought into work with my youngest son. However, it became apparent that I was in desperate need of coaching, self-love and healing. I was feeling alone, uncertain, vulnerable, and not able to see my own worth. I wasn’t sure how I could ever rise above it at all or see a way through. Amanda helped me see that I was worthy of putting myself first after a long time of putting others well-being before my own.


After working with Amanda, I was able to focus on myself and believe in myself. This gave me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could do and it changed my approach and way of thinking. I was able to find a job after not working for a long time because of the “I can” belief instilled in me by Amanda really teaching me that everything is possible and nothing is impossible! I was doing stuff that I normally would not do because of all the talks we had together and how Amanda taught me to approach and see things. She helped me to see that when I put myself first, this has a positive effect on the whole family (like an upward spiral or “ripple effect”). I can see that if I’m not in a good place, that affects everybody. If I am not in a good place mentally and physically, then I can’t help the rest of my family. I have learned to apply this in different areas of my life and learned coping strategies to deal with any “symptoms”, emotional challenges (outbursts) or difficulties my child is experiencing. I can see how supporting myself in those moments also supports him.”

-Soofia (Danyal and Zain's mom)

Oakville, ON


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