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Get to Know Me and My Philosophy

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood
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A B O U T  M E

Amanda Evans, OCT, B. Ed., B.A. (Hons), RCY, REH,

Certified Elementum Master Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Teacher and Speaker

Amanda Evans is passionate about supporting children and families to be their happiest and healthiest selves! Her own healing journey taught her so much about the extraordinary healing powers of play, love and connection. She is dedicated to helping people take their health and happiness into their own hands, believing in their own magic and the power to heal from within. 


Her work as a Kindergarten teacher (and recovering perfectionist and people pleaser) taught her so much about how we need to be able to fill our own cups and feel safe, loved, accepted and connected in order to help children to do the same. She uses her teaching background, her experience supporting children with exceptionalities along with her own personal experience healing from a brain injury to help support others with invisible “disabilities”.  Amanda is also trained in Radiant Child Yoga, Rainbow Energy Healing and is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a focus on supporting children with exceptionalities (or better yet...SUPERPOWERS!).


Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood

Amanda has worked with families supporting children who are energetically sensitive and often misunderstood, being given labels like Autism, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, depression, and anxiety. She believes in letting go of the labels and believing in what CAN be to make the impossible POSSIBLE! Her approach to healing is a little like Mary Poppins meets Medical Medium. (A spoonful of PLAY makes the "illness" go away...a dash of neuroscience, a sprinkle of spirituality and a whole lot of PLAY!) Children are our greatest teachers and have so much to tell us when we take the time to truly listen - when we listen with our hearts. Part of this means listening to what we cannot see and Amanda’s ability as an empath and intuitive energy healer helps her to break through the barriers of what cannot be said with words to help get to a point where the words become possible. 


She is passionate about sharing her story and allowing her own words to touch someone else’s heart, to give them a sense of hope and belief in what’s possible. Amanda feels privileged to be able to hold space for people to feel safe, seen and heard. She values kindness and compassion and believes that there is nothing more important than helping others feel that sense of safety and belonging within themselves and in the world. 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood


Help families heal through love, connection and play.
To live in a world based on unconditional love where families experience greater health, happiness, and harmony together. 


Core Values

Love and Acceptance
Personal Growth

These are a few of my Favourite Things



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The Sound of Music 
(I have always loved Maria...and also love Mary Poppins!!!)



Hey Soul Sister by Train, Faith by George Michael and anything Motown :) (and can never go wrong with a dance along song like the YMCA and the macarena...or a non-stop Taylor Swift, Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys sing-a-long!)

ways to play

Playing with little ones (and enjoying the little moments - they truly are everything!), meditating, reading, baking, singing, dancing, yoga, swimming, nature walks and hikes, connecting and spending time with loved ones, especially over coffee and/or chocolate!

childhood games

Barbies, House/Family (playing the “mom”), Jenga, and hide and seek!

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Mind Body Soul Miracles

In my own healing journey, I learned so much about how true healing happens when we heal on the mind, body and SOUL level! When we can combine these three and do it with a whole lot of love, connection and PLAY, anything is possible...and that’s when the real miracles happen! (*insert rainbows and unicorns*).



Our minds have such an incredible power in being able to heal our bodies! There is such a huge link between the mind and the body. So much of my own healing happened when I was able to understand this link and how powerful our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are in creating our reality. Just as our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can make us sick...they can also make us healthier and happier than ever before! Knowing this is incredibly empowering and using these tools can help us in so many ways!

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Click here to watch the Mind Body Soul Miracles video!


This is so important! It really takes following your soul and what it yearns for most in order to heal.  Most of all, it takes listening to what your soul loves to do and really doing more of what lights you up! What are you passionate about? What brings purpose to your life? Are you doing the things you love? Chances are if you’re really sick, your soul is feeling like there is a lot missing...and sometimes we need to simply follow the call of our soul and discover the learning our souls wanted us to experience, in order to find our happy and healthy again! 

The biggest breakthroughs happened in my journey when I stopped focusing on being sick or even on “healing” and simply started living and doing what I loved! That first meant really slowing down and tuning in to find out what truly lit my soul on fire (or *sparkle*!). It also meant putting myself first and prioritizing play! What healed me wasn’t all the protocols, medications, practitioners, or diets I was feeling a sense of loving support and doing the things I loved most: connecting, playing with the little ones in my life, dancing, singing, baking, reading, doing yoga, spending time in nature and supporting others which is always something I have loved to do. When I started, I was only able to visualize doing these things as they were not yet physically possible...but in time, I eventually was able to do these more and more until they were part of my new (and so much more fun) “normal”. When we follow the FUN, our passion, our purpose, and most of all our hearts...we will always be led. When we can move from that constant state of “fight or flight” and follow the FUN, we get to stay and play our way through every day. And the truth is, miracles happen every day.


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A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a “shift in perception. The moment that we choose to perceive our life with love - we can create a miraculous change”. This often means choosing to shift from fear to love or moving through our fears with a whole lot of love. In my experience, when we can move through our fears with love, anything is possible. I have always loved the quote: “To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear” - Stephen Levine. 

My own journey taught me so much about how love can truly heal anything and everything. And often when we are feeling stuck, like we have tried everything and nothing is working, we are in need of a shift in perception and to see our situation in a new way. We need a new way through and in my personal experience, the way through is always love and acceptance. Oftentimes, when we are feeling stuck, scared and alone, finding connection, safety, and loving support in another can allow us to experience this shift, see our current challenges in a new way and find a happier, healthier way forward.

Miracles are also defined as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”. Miracles are also defined as an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.” For me, so much of my healing could only be described by this and completely changed the way I view everything. This spiritual awakening woke me up to the supernatural, to the spirit world and to believing in miracles and my own magic, realizing that we are always co-creating with the Universe. This helped me to understand that we all have the power to influence our own reality and create the life we choose to live! My healing journey also woke me up to my own energy healing abilities and allowed me to be a divine channel for healing...and most of all awoke me to the power of unconditional LOVE, the thing we are all so very worthy of.


And I truly believe that miracles are also simply finding the joy and love in the little moments with the people you love most. That is what life is about - being grateful for all the love, connection and play in the present! <3 


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” - Albert Einstein 

My in-depth Journey and Story


Hi! My name is Amanda Evans and I am truly grateful for you finding this site and taking the time to read my story. I truly believe that we all have our stories and when we share them with others, it allows us to connect, to learn, to grow, and to heal together. 

Healing. That is a word that describes so much, whether it be healing on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level - all of which were part of my own journey to getting to where I am today. I have learned that we all have the power to heal ourselves and the biggest way we can do that is through loving and accepting ourselves as we are, believing in our own power and becoming our own alchemists - or as I was often referred to during my healing journey - our own sparkly magical unicorns making magic happen! 

Often we find the magic in the midst of a big old pile of mud - just like the lotus flower - blooming in the harshest conditions yet blooming nonetheless into the beautiful flower that it is! I believe we all have that power to choose to bloom through whatever it is that comes our way and I can see now, that I really did that through play! 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood

But first, I did it through a whole lot of trying to “fix” or manage the many symptoms that came along after my car accident in 2012. When I was 20 years old and attending University to be a teacher, I was involved in a car accident where I sustained a “mild” traumatic brain injury. I always found it “funny” when it was referred to as “mild” because in truth, there was nothing mild about it, changing my life in an instant. The truth is I didn’t even know this was the case at first because I was unable to verbalize what was going on for me because of the symptoms I was experiencing and to everyone else, I “looked good” so how was anyone else to know what was going on behind the surface. Often this is why so many people with any type of trauma or brain injury are unable to get the support they need because nobody can see what is going on for them and they can’t always express what it is they need. I know this was the case for me and why I am so passionate about supporting children with brain injuries and needs that most people are unable to see and understand. 

What started off as immediate head and neck pain, confusion and disorientation led to a whole lot more. I was immediately that much more sensitive to absolutely everything! Sensitive to noise, sensitive to lights, sensitive to emotions, sensitive to stress, foods, smells....really SENSITIVE to EVERYTHING! It was hard to be around people for very long because I would get overstimulated and very tired (tired being the understatement of the year). It was like no matter how much sleep I got, I was always exhausted. My cognitive abilities declined and I was suddenly confused about everything, had very slow processing-speed and couldn’t seem to remember a thing or focus! It was like I needed to learn how to learn again and I did it, but this constant “doing” while also trying so hard to “fix” the symptoms really kept me in this constant stress mode. I had been living in a constant state of “fight or flight”, not leaving any room for play or connection - two things I see that were the biggest part of my healing. 

Despite these challenges, I was still determined to finish my University degrees and I can see through studying things I was passionate about helped me to learn more about myself and get through this challenging time in my life. I studied French and Psychology at Trent University, taking so many courses about why we are the way we are, courses about the brain, social psychology, education, and supporting children’s development/well-being. I also had the privilege of taking French courses about the “Self” - something I realize we are learning more and more about every single day - becoming more of who we are truly meant to be in every experience, growing through what we go through. I was also lucky enough to have been in the focus of supporting students with exceptionalities while studying my Bachelor’s of Education at Queen’s University. This really gave me a voice to speak about my own experience of living with an invisible “disability” and helping others to understand how to meet the needs of people going through their own invisible illnesses or challenges. I had the honour of being awarded the A. Lorne Cassidy Award when I graduated which was for a graduating student with outstanding talents and interests in the education of exceptional learners. I can see that my passion only continued to grow to finding even more ways to support children who don’t always know how to express what they need and find a way around that barrier. These courses and my own life experience allowed me to learn so much more about children and what they can show us and tell us when we take the time to truly listen - when we listen with our hearts. Part of this is listening to what you can’t see and my ability as an empath and intuitive healer helps me to break through the barriers of what can’t be said with words to help get to a point where the words become possible. 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood

Over those 5+ years, I had learned how to “manage” my symptoms and survive each day, living a life revolving around school and only school, making for a pretty empty life, not like the one I had always hoped for myself. I can see that hope is so important to anyone going through anything and the truth is, I had lost hope of getting better and I can see now how that affected my ability to heal. After the 2 year mark, I was told by many specialists that at this point, I had plateaued cognitively and it wasn’t likely that my symptoms or cognitive abilities would get much better than they were and this was likely my quality of life for the rest of my life, something that was very depressing...and yet I tried to smile my way through it and make the best of things. I can see now that this story and belief created the rest of what followed. I get now that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality - and really shape what’s possible. When someone in authority suggests that there’s no point of having hope, I stopped believing that things could get better and even though I was still trying to improve, on some level, I didn’t believe it was possible. There was so much fear coming up and I see now that it took unlearning all the stories that were known to me to really allow myself to believe in the unknown and what is truly possible. It took reaching my “rock bottom” knowing that I couldn’t live like that anymore and honestly needed a *miracle*. It was then that the Universe led me to people who helped me to believe in what was possible and helped me believe in miracles! (Something that often takes a change in perception and believing in something that we can’t even see. And really it took believing in ME!) But I never would have gotten there if it wasn't for the kindness and support of all the people I met along the way...and all the learning that happened too. 

It turns out by the time I had actually gotten my dream job and was working as a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher, I was so depleted from all the years of living in this survival state that I just couldn’t do it anymore. How was I supposed to help other children feel safe, loved, accepted and connected so they can learn and grow....when I couldn’t even feel that way myself? My symptoms were so bad that I had to leave that job after about a month and a half, realizing that it was finally time to put myself first, fill my own cup and love myself back to health and happiness. It took getting to that point to realize that all I really wanted was to be happy and healthy, and nothing matters more than that. I think sometimes we let it get to the point where we hit rock bottom to realize this, and the wonderful thing is we don’t have to. We can change this story! So in this moment of complete surrender, I was led to so many wonderful practitioners who helped me see things from a different perspective, who helped me have hope again, believed in me and ultimately led me to more learning that would allow me to take my health and happiness back into my own hands. But first, I relied on them pretty heavily and was still seeking for the answers outside of myself. 

Over the years and this time spent focusing solely on healing, I had seen Western medicine specialists, multiple psychologists, psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, neurologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths, Chinese medicine doctors and more that I can’t even remember. You name it, I’ve tried it! I had also been on multiple medications, seen Chronic Pain specialists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and been to multiple sleep studies. I had received nerve blocks and Botox injections and treatment upon treatment trying to “numb” the pain, nothing ever able to “fix it”. I had done just about every “detox” treatment, diet, and avoided all the gluten, dairy, sugar, and other foods to address the “gut-brain” connection that so badly manifested into various digestive and other health issues. What had started with a brain injury turned into so many more health problems that all stemmed from living in the state of sickness and feeling like a “professional patient” that in itself just made me more prone to being a patient forever. I can see now that when we are constantly looking at the problem (or the thing we don’t want), we end up getting more of that. And that I did... 

In addition to all the post-concussive symptoms, anxiety/depression were definitely a big part of the journey as so much fear comes up around what I could/couldn’t do, what to try/not try and the reality of not really living the life I had dreamed of and feeling helpless and alone. In addition to this and the major brain fog, chronic headaches/migraines, and neck pain, I had also developed other conditions like adrenal fatigue, dysautonomia, IBS/Leaky Gut syndrome, Bacterial Overgrowth/Candida and literally all the digestive issues you could dream up (like even parasites - ew!). I literally had become sensitive to everything and developed conditions like electric hypersensitivity syndrome, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Mold Toxicity/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and skin conditions like acne and eczema. A whole host of hormonal issues like Amenorrhea/Hormonal issues/PCOS/possible fibroids and the topic of endometriosis had come up a few times. Lots of environmental allergies manifested as well as it was suspected I had Lyme disease and other viral infections. As I was sensitive to everything, it appeared I was also sensitive to everything I tried to help all of the above. I understand after all this that everything is energy and “energy flows where attention goes” so we will always get what we focus on, whether it’s something we want or not! 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood

It was then that I discovered neuroplasticity and the brain’s amazing ability to change! There are so many incredible programs, books (like books by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Norman Doidge and Annie Hopper among many others) and teachers out there all teaching this same message that we can change our lives with the power of our thoughts, words, intentions and beliefs. I went to a 5-day neuroplasticity program called Dynamic Neural Retraining System and it completely changed my life. It opened me up to believing in the possibilities by learning so many tools, connecting me with a community of support, and so many inspirational people and stories consistently reinforcing the idea that transcending my present reality and really the “labels” I had been living is possible! 


After taking this program, this stemmed my passion (or really obsession) with learning about neuroplasticity. I was fascinated! I was also fascinated with mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality, going through a spiritual awakening that changed everything. It made me realize how linked both are and how it was both science/spirituality that helped me heal. I spent A LOT of time with my books (“my other friends”) - often reading two or more at a time, one being about neuroplasticity while the other being about self-development/personal growth/spirituality (balance...right!? Whatever that silly word means!). I LOVED learning and doing the things I loved was what helped me heal. 


More than anything, I LOVE spending time with children and this is one of the biggest things I owe my recovery to...I spent the year while I was healing taking care of some of the sweetest kids that just reminded me of what is important and brought so much love, laughter, and silliness into my days spent with them! I spent my days PLAYING and this is honestly what made me well! I did all the things that make my heart sing - singing, dancing, baking, spending time with babies (oxytocin overload - nothing better! That and eating chocolate!), doing yoga, spending time in nature (my happy place - High Park!), meditating, and creating! I also got to spend time connecting with people I love, sharing my successes and WINS with others, along with supporting/teaching others which is something I LOVE to do! Having spent lots of time doing yoga with the children I took care of and worked with one-on-one, I became certified in Radiant Child Yoga so I could use this with the families I work with and implement it into our sessions together. I also was guided to learn about and be trained in Rainbow Energy Healing and it seemed a lot of the children I was working with kept drawing me rainbows and talking about all the RAINBOWS so it only seemed fitting that I would learn about this to be able to share it with the children in my life....while continuing to learn SO MUCH from them! This very powerful and spiritual energy healing modality helped me to understand more about myself, dive deep into what my soul wanted to learn and express in the world - really clearing the way to follow my passion and purpose and surround myself with a loving community doing the same. We really all want to find and follow what lights up our souls and let our sparkle shine through! As time went on, I kept being led to more and more rainbow children and understanding just how spiritual and conscious children are! This allowed me to continue learning alongside with them and also witness the profound healing that happens through this beautiful rainbow energy and just how much we all heal through colour. This helped to strengthen my connection to spirit, Archangels, angels and Ascended Masters while also realizing that this is what has been making play therapy so powerful since children are so deeply connected and tapped in, naturally healing through colours and their connection to Higher consciousness. I like to think that in my work with families, I merge consciousness with caring - something that we all can use a little more of in our lives. 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood

Part of the neuroplasticity program was about really visualizing yourself as well and living the life you want to live. I started to realize there was something more going on because it was as if, all of the things I was visualizing just started coming true! Hence the magical unicorn comments! I started to get a little freaked out at first but eventually learned just how powerful we all are and how we have the ability to heal ourselves! What I later realized was that using the principles of neuroplasticity along with the energy healing power of love, I was able to heal myself by feeling the high vibrational feelings of love, joy, gratitude (all things that happen through play) and 

simply send these high vibrational feelings and the energy to the parts of my body that needed healing! It was MAGICAL! It was also through “living as if it is” that my visualizations made my brain and body believe that these things were actually happening now, and eventually they did! (I could go on for days about these magical experiences, realizing we are always co-creating with the Universe and we have the power to make our dreams come true! Like seriously, I planned my own surprise birthday party and then it happened exactly as I had visualized - talk about WOAH!... I guess that’s one way to take the surprise out of a surprise party?! haha) 

I truly believe that “to heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear” and also the idea that we can move through fear when we choose love, one of the highest vibrational energies (and my fave!). I see now that any type of illness in our body is simply a lower vibrational energy and seeing it as this means that there is something we can do to take our health and happiness into our own hands and make our dreams a reality! When I was able to make that shift from fear to love, my entire life changed...and I realize that it is always in our conscious choice to be more loving than we are fearful, that we can lead happier, healthier and more loving lives. 

Mind Body Soul Miracles, Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Sessions, Collingwood
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