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Family Play-Based Healer, Author, and Master Coach meets Mary Poppins!

Need an inspiring speaker with a heartwarming message for your next event or conference?

Amanda in action


Motherhood Unshackled Podcast

Eat PLAY Love


The Everything ECE Podcast

Healing Through Play


Embrace Simplified Podcast

Getting Friendly With Emotions + Play

Amanda Evans allows people to feel a sense of hope in the rock bottom moments of their own healing journeys - helping them believe in what’s possible and learning what tools helped her along the way! Hint: it might be something along the lines of love, connection, and play!

Keynote topics include:

Eat, PLAY, Love: A Journey from Helplessness to HOPE!

Neuroplasticity in the Classroom

Sensitivity: Your Biggest Superpower!

Amanda's Make Friends with Your Feelings Program - A program for children based on her breath, body, and return to her love of philosophy to help children learn new tools to move through their feelings in a healthier and happier way.

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In Amanda's presentation, "A Daily Dose of Play Keeps the Stress Away", find out how you can add more play into your day so you can be more productive and a little less of a perfectionist!

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