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Family Play-Based Healer, Author, and Master Coach meets Mary Poppins!

Need an inspiring speaker with a heartwarming message for your next event or conference?

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Motherhood Unshackled Podcast

Eat PLAY Love


The Everything ECE Podcast

Healing Through Play


Embrace Simplified Podcast

Getting Friendly With Emotions + Play

Amanda Evans allows people to feel a sense of "anything is possible" through her stories & sharing her own personal healing journey. Amanda's talks are a little bit like Mary Poppins meets Gabby Bernstein meets Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus! You never know what you need until it comes from her heart to yours — with heaping doses of laughter, play, giggles, healing messages (and maybe even some tears & heart-to-heart connection). Amanda will help you feel uplifted, inspired & re-connected to yourself & the truth that lives inside your heart.


Amanda will help you truly believe in what’s possible and learn some fun new tools to help you & your family thrive along the way! Hint: it might be something along the lines of adding more compassion, love, connection, and play!

Keynote topics include:

Eat, PLAY, Love: A Journey of Healing to truly LIVING & PLAYING Again!

The Healing Powers of PLAY & the impact it has on the Nervous System (why play is the prescription so many of us are needing most!)

Sensitivity: Your Biggest Superpower!

Amanda's "Make Friends with Your Feelings Program" - A program for children based on her "breath, body, and returning to love" philosophy to help children learn new tools to move through their emotions in a healthier and happier way. 

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In Amanda's presentation, "A Daily Dose of Play Keeps the Stress Away", find out how you can add more play into your day so you can be more productive and a little less of a perfectionist!

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