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Eat Play Love:

A Recipe for Rewiring Your Brain, Finding Your FUN & Rediscovering YOU Again

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Eat PLAY Love by Amanda Evans is not your

typical self-love and journey-to-healing book. 

It is so much more than that.

A wholehearted journey of gently guiding you back to your true self, this book helps you uncover the layers that keep you stuck in life, love, health, and work.

But it's also a book for you if you have a label, identify as living with an invisible illness, a brain injury or feel like you're constantly searching for that "fix" or solution to heal from any type of trauma.


This book is the opposite of finding the typical "band-aid" one fit for all solution and instead really seeks to find YOU through it all and to really get to the root, while also finding your play.

"Amanda makes healing fun, like it’s a game!"

Eat Play Love is a permission slip to return to play—

A return to yourself, inside out.

Eat PLAY Love is a thought-provoking conversation that showcases how powerful our mind, body, and soul are,

if we are willing to listen.

Filled with journal exercises, mindfulness meditations, and more. Amanda has created an all-encompassing tool kit that is sure to help you show up new with love, playfulness, and confidence while nourishing you and allowing you to feel seen. This is your call to reclaim your power, own your sensitivity, and LOVE your life!

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About Amanda


Amanda Evans is a Family Play-Based Healer, Author, and Master Coach (meets Mary Poppins!) She is passionate about supporting families to be their happiest and healthiest selves.


Her own healing and Master Coaching journey has taught her so much about the extraordinary healing powers of love, connection and play! Amanda is dedicated to helping people take their health, happiness and family choices into their own hands by believing in their own magic, the power of communication and truly healing from within.


She coaches conscious parents who are triggered by their child's tantrums, big emotions, and disempowering diagnoses to parent them with greater ease, connection, presence and PLAY!


Amanda is a dog mama and a lover of little humans and the little moments (that really are the BIG ones!)

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