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Private Coaching with Amanda


If you are a parent or a parent-to-be seeking support, Amanda’s Private Coaching Programs are:


Spirit Baby Coaching

A 1-hour session or

3-month Playful & Conscious Conception Program


Love and Acceptance Coaching

A 6-month Conscious & Caring Parent Program


The Connected and Embodied Parent

A 9-month Conscious, Connected, & Caring

Parent Program

To find out what is aligned for you and your family, check out more information about the programs below.

Or book a complimentary 30-minute connection call to explore what’s aligned for your family.

Amanda Evans is a Master Life Coach meets Mary Poppins, a Family Play-Based Healer, and a Spirit Baby Medium who adores supporting both parents and children in a conscious, connected, and caring way. In all her programs, she finds a way to help you heal at the root while making it feel truly safe to be yourself, share what’s on your heart, making your healing journey more FUN while achieving the results and vision for your life/family/relationships that you so deeply desire. She supports you to feel safe, seen, and connected at each stage in your parenting journey.


Amanda is trained as a Certified Elementum Master Life Coach and has a background in teaching. She began working with children, specifically children with exceptionalities where play-based healing was the foundation of her work, and this then expanded to supporting families as a whole. She knew that both coaching parents and supporting children through PLAY was important to support the bigger picture. Amanda bridges the gap between parents and their child to help families create real lasting change, healing, true happiness, and connection.

“As a coach, Amanda is like your best friend meets wise Sage meets Mary Poppins meets the best therapist you’ve ever had.


She will lovingly call you up and out of whatever 'stuck' you are in and help you shine as YOU. The real you. Not the one you are portraying…she will love on all your parts and teach you to do the same.


We’re not meant to do this alone. Life, motherhood…we’re made to receive support. It’s okay to let her in.”

Kayli C.

Some of the modalities and tools that are used in Amanda’s programs to best support you include:

Meditation + guided visualizations

Self-forgiveness and self-compassion tools and exercises

PLAY (finding your own play-based practises)

IFS (Internal Family Systems), inner child healing + parts work

Breathwork, movement and emotional release tools

NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and conflict resolution

Energy healing & Brain-based exercises

Neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming

Spirit Baby Channeling / Mediumship and channeling your child’s messages

Embodied wisdom and masculine/feminine energetics

Somatic release techniques and embodiment practises

Heart-guided healing exercises

Over the years, Amanda has coached many:

Moms and parents at all stages of parenthood (pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout their child's younger years, meaning birth-12 years old). Moms who felt triggered, overwhelmed and a loss of control when their young children were having tantrums, outbursts and big emotions. 

Children aged 1-12 (especially those who are sensitive, considered “empaths”, are energetically sensitive or have sensory challenges).

People who wanted to live a more aligned life & parent aligned with their ideal vision for their family, and find a better way forward (with more connection, greater ease, compassion, & better communication).

Children with labels (such as “autism”, “depression”, and “anxiety”) and children who have needed support with self-esteem/self-worth and making friends, especially post-COVID.

Coaches and people who desired a shift in their career path, and who wanted to find their soul purpose/mission while finding a way to balance work and parenthood (to be able to be more present).

Empaths and highly sensitive people (of all ages/stages) — both parents and children. I have supported empaths in pre-conception to re-parent their inner child so they could conceive from a much happier, whole & safer space within their bodies & relationships. I have supported many moms to heal their relationships and parent in a way that allows their child to feel seen, safe, & loved as they are.

People with invisible illnesses or chronic health challenges who desired a more comprehensive approach to healing, including coaching, somatic/emotional healing, and prioritizing play while seeing things from the soul perspective - so they can heal at the root while hearing any lessons and receiving love through it all.  I have supported both adults and children struggling with perfectionism and anxiety, who desire to live a more calm, aligned, connected, and peaceful life.

People who felt uncertain if their lives were truly making them happy, who felt an inner calling to become more playful and aligned (rather than constantly do-do-doing or seeking to always be “healing” and realizing they just seem to feel more stressed, unhappy, and are attracting problems/patterns to “heal” rather than living the life they desire or parenting the way they desire). These people were committed to a new way to heal at the root while being able to fully prioritize their joy first, their play, and what truly makes them happy! While still being conscious and aligned with their soul, heart, parenting vision & personal missions in life.

Ready to take the next step for your family & have your own personal Mary Poppins & Master Life Coach to guide you in pre-conception or parenthood? 


1-Hour Spirit Baby Coaching

This is for individuals or couples who desire pre-conception support and a safe space to prepare for parenthood (mamas or parents-to-be who desire to heal and connect to their body, themselves and their child before conception), so they can be the parent they desire to be and show up in ways that their child will need. These sessions are supportive for parents who are experiencing fear and desiring healing around their family dynamics so they can parent free from these wounds, fears and relational dynamics. These sessions are also for parents who have experienced loss, a miscarriage, or are struggling to conceive: who need some hope, spirit baby guidance, connection and support. In this session, you will have 1-2 questions answered around your personal conception or parenting journey, alongside any coaching support or guidance/messages from your spirit baby (or babies) that are wanting to come through to support you, your partner and your family at this time.

For a more supportive 3-month program that connects you to your spirit baby in a conscious, connected, and PLAYFUL way...

Join the Playful & Conscious Conception Program!


Pre-Conception Programs


Playful & Conscious 
Conception Program

This 3-month coaching program is designed to support you in healing prior to conception while integrating PLAY, embodied wisdom, emotional healing, and building a conscious, playful & connected relationship to yourself, your family & your child(ren).


Each session is guided by what you and your spirit baby (or babies) need to support your personal journey while embracing who you're here to be as their parent. The program is intended to support your journey, parenting path, and healing on all 5 levels necessary

to conceive your baby/babies:

spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational.


This may include supporting you to create a deeper trust in yourself, healing family dynamics, your own parent-child relationship and healing your connection to the body before conceiving, while also prioritizing your relationship to self and your partner to create the foundation ready to welcome in your baby (or babies). 

Each session will include your own personalized, heart-guided, and PLAYFUL healing meditation connected to your vision as a parent, reminding you of what’s possible while welcoming in a connected relationship to your child and their desires.


This program includes:

  • Nine 75-minute coaching sessions (three sessions per month).

  • Weekly zoom recordings (heart-guided healing meditations) to watch between sessions & receive continual guidance/healing. 

  • Ongoing email support + connection (to celebrate wins, positive shifts, and for any additional support to integrate healing & growth between coaching sessions).

Investment Options

$1800 CAD

pay in


$650 CAD

3 monthly payments

Love & Acceptance Coaching

Come into greater acceptance of who you are as a parent and feel true compassion, love, and acceptance for yourself, your child(ren), and your loved ones.

This 6-month coaching program will guide you in your journey as a parent to be able to love, accept, and support yourself in all parenting moments (even the guilt and shame-filled ones when your own humanness or triggers show up) while supporting you to show up for your child(ren) in the ways they need — often helping you to integrate and heal your own wounds from childhood. And better show up in the ways you need — to give from your overflow.


You will be supported through emotional release and regulation tools that are developmentally and energetically aligned for you and your child(ren) so you can better connect, communicate, and co-regulate.


This program is for those who are ready to align with the vision they have for their family while supporting their child(ren) to feel “seen” for who they really are — underneath whatever challenges are currently showing up for you and them.


The sessions and ongoing email support will allow you to really “see” your child and allow them to more easily express their needs and find their words when the triggers or tantrums arise - so you know just how to guide yourself and them in these moments. This program will support you to be a better guide/model to your children, and easily help them meet their needs alongside yours with more connection, presence, acceptance, and PLAY!


This is also for parents who need and desire a shift in their career in order to align with their desire of being more present, playful, and peaceful while living a life where they can prioritize their family

(and be truly present).


This program includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute virtual coaching sessions (bi-weekly).

  • Ongoing email support, guidance + connection (to celebrate wins and positive shifts, for any additional support to integrate learning between coaching sessions, or to receive guidance in specific situations).

Investment Options

$5000 CAD

pay in


$888 CAD

6 monthly 

Parent Coaching Programs

The Connected & Embodied Parent

Connect with your child in new ways, from a much more embodied, connected, and safer space within.


This 9-month conscious, connected, and caring parent coaching program will attune you to your greatest desires, needs, and somatic shifts. This will allow you to be more present, connected to, attuned to and more easily able to support your child’s needs, desires, and energetic makeup so you can support them to thrive.


In this program, you will be called forward to be the leader, guide, and self-healer your family needs, while honouring your child, your partner, and your family’s values and connection preferences. This will support you to experience greater safety & alignment within yourself and your family as a whole.


This program will support you and your children to create secure attachments and deepen (and playfully "lighten" up) your bonds and connection to one another — while supporting you to feel safe, loved, accepted, and more connected to who you are

in your life, family, work, and relationships.


There is a huge focus in this program on supporting

you somatically to embody your authentic self while

guiding and allowing your children to be their true selves. 

You will be supported by prioritizing your PLAY, honouring what lights you up, and having ongoing practices like breathwork, dance, energy healing and somatic exercises to support your embodiment.


You will cultivate a safer space within to explore your deepest desires as a human and parent. And hear the body’s wisdom so you can more easily flow and follow these desires while embodying your greatest heart longings — inspiring and modelling to

your child(ren) so they can be and do the same.


In these sessions, you will connect on what is needed for your soul and parenting growth alongside how to support your children in their growth and greatest happiness.

This program is for you if you are deeply committed to your family “having it all” and being your true authentic selves while more easily navigating the moments of your daily family life with greater connection, compassion, happiness, trust, and flow. This is also for parents who are Coaches, Leaders, and Healers who desire support serving from a more embodied, integrated, whole, and healed space within (and within their personal lives) who deeply desire to give, serve, and teach in integrity and from their overflow.


This is great for parents who are also in a leadership or a healer/therapist/coach or in nurturing roles who desire to nurture themselves first and learn how to more lovingly regulate their nervous systems to be able to guide from a cleaner, more connected, and intuitive space within.

This program includes:

  • Eighteen 90-minute coaching sessions (bi-weekly).

  • Access to "All About Emotions Mini-Program for Parents" + the Digital Coaching Bundle: "Supporting Your Sensitive Child". 

  • Ongoing email support and connection (to celebrate wins, somatic shifts, and positive shifts as you embody who you are here to be as a parent/person/leader). You will have ongoing access to Amanda through email support to ask any questions and receive any additional support needed to integrate learning between coaching sessions or to receive guidance in specific parenting, leadership or life situations.

Investment Options

$8000 CAD

in full


$925 CAD

9 monthly 

What Amanda's clients have shared

“You helped me to transform into the mother and person I wanted to be — while supporting me to receive love and support in the real and vulnerable. My child’s meltdowns started to get less intense and frequent. I started to really see her and it was wonderful. I appreciated your general demeanour of listening with love and compassion. And how I felt important and valued. I know I can tell you literally anything. A true safe space.”

Kayli, Love & Acceptance Coaching Client

"I can’t really put into words how meeting Amanda has changed me. She is truly inspirational and her positivity, enthusiasm, and kindness are contagious. Amanda has really helped me to see things differently and accept what is and what could be. I will be forever grateful for her. I met Amanda during one of the most difficult periods of my life. At the time, Amanda was brought into work with my youngest son. However, it became apparent that I was in desperate need of coaching, self-love and healing. I was feeling alone, uncertain, vulnerable, and not able to see my own worth. I wasn’t sure how I could ever rise above it at all or see a way through. Amanda helped me see that I was worthy of putting myself first after a long time of putting others well-being before my own.


After working with Amanda, I was able to focus on myself and believe in myself. This gave me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could do and it changed my approach and way of thinking. I was able to find a job after not working for a long time because of the 'I can' belief instilled in me by Amanda really teaching me that everything is possible and nothing is impossible! I was doing stuff that I normally would not do because of all the talks we had together and how Amanda taught me to approach and see things. She helped me to see that when I put myself first, this has a positive effect on the whole family (like an upward spiral or 'ripple effect'). I can see that if I’m not in a good place, that affects everybody. If I am not in a good place mentally and physically, then I can’t help the rest of my family. I have learned to apply this in different areas of my life and learned coping strategies to deal with any 'symptoms', emotional challenges (outbursts) or difficulties my child is experiencing. I can see how supporting myself in those moments also supports him.”

Sofia, Oakville, ON

"I reached out to Amanda because my older son Kane and I were triggering each other causing anger outbursts (from unprocessed grief of losing their father) that was causing division in our family and I desired cohesiveness as a unit. Since taking Love and Acceptance Coaching with Amanda, I am more aware of the feelings within myself and other characteristics I have used to survive that have been keeping me stuck. Together, I have continued to widen the window of tolerance. My trauma (PTSD) loop is less prevalent and I no longer feel like I am always in the 'fight or flight' window. I am starting to be able to process information better and this is helping me be able to move forward in my life’s journey.


What I found most helpful in my time with Amanda was feeling truly seen and heard and having consistent support during intense processing of emotions. She supported me to create new neuropathways of safety in my head and my heart (a sense of balance). I think part of why this happened is because of a soul felt connection with Amanda. I would most definitely recommend her to others because Amanda has a unique ability to connect on levels not easily explained. All you have to do is meet Amanda and feel the energy and passion she has for helping others. I believe people would instantly feel safe in her presence and the way she can connect with each person is truly a gift and very inspiring to me.”

Suzi, Creemore, ON

"My experience working with Amanda was completely transformative and one of the most profound experiences of my life. When I met Amanda I was suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, and PCOS. Despite my committed efforts to a wide gamut of healing protocols from both western and alternative doctors, I could not get healthy.


In working with Amanda, my health transformed and I underwent a paradigm shift in self-perception and thus my perception of life beyond my self. In each session, I felt the weight of my symptoms evaporate and a growing sense of power to heal from within. To speak of my transformation is to speak of the way it feels to be alive. My life and vision for my future is limitless, unbounded, broken open and expanding. My symptoms of fatigue are significantly less, my hormones are easily balanced, I eat for pleasure, and I am simply happy. I'm working full-time for the first time in my life. At the end of the week I feel energized and excited for the weekend. I spend long hours in the art studio; a practice I had abandoned in my sickness. I am more connected with friends and family. I feel true self-love.


In the big picture of health care, I believe there is nothing greater that one can receive than the ability to heal from within, and the empowerment that comes from the process of realizing this power. Thriving health is available to everyone Amanda works with. Amanda's coaching creates immediate and potent changes in health.


Amanda is warm, kind, loving, and non-judgmental. Her presence in our sessions was full of light and positivity. She is intuitive and perceptive of other people's needs. These qualities combined with her deep understanding of neuroplasticity made for effortless and powerful sessions. From our first meeting, I felt safe to be vulnerable with Amanda. When she listens, I feel like she is really hearing me and when she speaks, I feel renewed focus and confidence.​


Another one of Amanda's strengths is her ability to reflect her clients' progress. Given the non-linear path of recovery, this was totally critical in my journey. At the times when I lost sight of my trajectory, Amanda celebrated my hard work and my a sense stepping into the role of a higher self when I was struggling to occupy that level of mind. This catalyzed my healing and shortened my lapses of self. This speaks to Amanda's dedication and true caring for her clients.”

Anne, Port Townsend, Washington

"Prior to working with Amanda, I had a bad relationship with money. No matter how hard I worked, I still wouldn't feel like I was worthy or deserved it. I spent a lot of time on personal development around manifesting it but still had this blockage in my body and mind.


After our sessions, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my chest. Two weeks after our final session, I closed the largest deal in the history of the company I work for ($300K+). I now have very different thoughts surrounding money, how it flows and what it means to me. Thank you Amanda for the difference you have made in my life!"​

Brandon, Collingwood, ON

"Since working with Amanda, I feel much more aware and accepting of both my thoughts and emotions — and better understand their connection. I now have tools to use when the going gets tough which has been a positive thing for both me and my family. Generally, I feel calmer and things feel easier than they did before our work together (because of the shifts within myself).

What was most supportive was Amanda’s ability to connect the dots within our family — see where the patterns were and how we can help each other by helping ourselves. My most amazing shift has been releasing the control I was (unknowingly) trying to have over everything and everyone. I now have new awareness and thinking about/seeing things differently thanks to Amanda’s coaching.

I would 100% recommend Amanda to others because she has a unique gift and is just a really wonderful person to get to spend an hour with each week. Amanda has a unique and super effective way of ‘getting at’ the blocks and subconscious thoughts that are holding us back, and helping to move through them with love and acceptance."

Janet, Collingwood, Ontario

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