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Child-Led Play-Based Healing

During this play-based healing program, your child will have the opportunity to talk about any feelings or big emotions that are coming up for them. They will learn to play their way through their “problems”, challenges, or big emotions so they can feel seen and supported to feel their best, access their words, and find their way forward

with greater confidence and self-expression.

What is Child-led Play-Based Healing?

Often children find it easier to express what they are feeling through play, which then gives them the ability to communicate how they are feeling and what they need. This safe space with a fun adult helps them to find healthy ways to connect with, express, and process their big feelings while learning what they need and finding their words to ask for it. 

Play gives children the chance to feel safe enough to feel the big feelings, name them, and move through them with love, acceptance and connection. This connection and bonding through play also helps children build healthy attachment styles to strengthen their relationship to self and others. Play-based healing also supports them to feel greater confidence being themselves and sharing their desires, needs, and preferences — so they honour themselves. 

The idea of "joining” into their world also allows them to feel safe enough in the world to communicate and connect with others, something that isn’t always easy for sensitive or empath children who are in tune with the energies (and people's feelings) around them. Children who are sensitive may not always feel safe in their body, with their family, or in the world around them because they are so tuned in or may be taking

on or "feeling" too much that is not theirs to take on.


This program can support your sensitive child to feel more deeply grounded, attuned to themselves, their own needs/emotions while bringing in deeper safety & aligned boundaries so your child knows how to support their well-being moving forward. 

The program supports children to better understand what is happening in their body to feel better in their own body and in their relationships with others, learning tools that are energetically & developmentally appropriate for who they are holistically while also having parents learn more aligned ways & tools

to better support them to be who they are.   

Play-based healing can bridge the gap between parents and their child to help your child feel understood, empowered and safe in their surroundings. Play is a beautiful way for your child to feel safe enough in their environment, activate their parasympathetic nervous system to heal, taking them from a state of

"fight or flight" to "stay and play"

Think of a time when you were so engaged with what you were doing and so happy that you forgot about time or anything else? 


This feeling is what allows our bodies to heal & feel safe because our focus is no longer on what we don’t have or don’t want and instead is focused on what we do! These experiences also ground your child into the present moment, creating new happy moments, memories of connection while feeling safer in their bodies. 


By doing what we love, we let our body do the rest! And find out what is needed to thrive!

In these sessions, your child may spend time dancing, singing, playing with toys or games, doing yoga, meditating, sharing their emotions, speaking through toys/stuffies/puppets, drawing/colouring/creating, baking, reading, journaling or simply sharing what they love to do. The focus is on letting the child lead and doing what makes them so happy that whatever is in need of healing happens, while allowing the child to learn and grow in a way that feels FUN and full of CHOICE! This approach empowers your child to get to know themselves, BE their true selves while advocating for their own wants and needs.

As shared in an article on play by Billy Brodovsky and Katie Kiernan:

"We co-create safety with the child through the relationship that we develop with them...helping children to have a choice, and to feel like they have a voice." 

This approach supports your whole child as a person to be loved, rather than a patient to be "fixed". Their whole self is supported through the play based-healing program in addition to your whole family. The play-based healing program supports your family to consciously shift patterns, family dynamics and ways of communicating and help you all greet "big feelings" with support throughout for both your child

(and support for you as a parent too).

This program includes...

5 or 8 Virtual 50-Minute Play-Based Healing sessions for your child.

Ongoing e-mail support for parents to ask questions, share what has been shifting throughout the program, and get clarification or receive support with situational parenting questions that arise in relation to the program.

Weekly post-session "themes, tools, and take-aways" sent to your e-mail to further learning and integration, and share what tools, games, or ways of connecting will be most supportive to your child and your family as a whole. Parents love this part of the program because they receive just as much as their child does through the e-mail support.


Kids bonus!

Your child will also receive a BONUS 'Make Friends with Your Feelings' journal and book bag
to support their ongoing learning, growth, PLAY and development!

"Amanda helped me to believe that all emotions are welcome. As a parent, I did know that emotions are communicating to us but I couldn't trust that they were all safe. The space that Amanda created and all the validation and support she provided consistently showed me that. I would (and have) recommended Amanda to others! Emotions are so important and I would hope more children and families are able to have support with understanding and embracing and communicating their feelings."

- Naledi



"I've been able to learn SO MUCH about my daughter from the session take aways that Amanda sends after each one. Amanda has SO MANY amazing tools and ideas on how to address a certain situation or recurring patterns through play, that my child has really enjoyed. It's SO important to understand how your child plays because that's where their feelings are. And once you start to understand their feelings, is where the magic happens."

- Julie C. 

Most importantly, this program supports your child in the way they learn best...


PLAY is the way children learn!


Play allows us all to feel safe enough to connect, talk about "big feelings" and find loving ways to express, redirect, and "make friends" with whatever emotions, worries, fears, or illnesses we have.


 *When we aren't quite sure what to do...and take the time to pause, play

and find our fun - there is always a way through!*

What is the investment for the program?

8-Week Program:

$1500 CAD

Pay in

$550 CAD

3 monthly

what else might you be wondering about play-based healing?

Who might Benefit from Play-Based Healing?

What your child might “appear” as, 
"sound/look like"
or be labeled as:
tantrum_Tekengebied 1.png

BiG Feelings and

Challenging Experiences

  • Learning difficulties
  • Has low self-esteem or has experienced trauma

  • Hard time expressing their emotions

  • Throwing tantrums or having meltdowns

  • Behaviour may seem "attention-seeking, rude, or disruptive"

  • Refusing to go to school and does not want to be there​

  • Experiences emotions as "REALLY BIG!" and experiences mood swings

Social Withdrawal or Bullying

  • Has experienced bullying, trauma or feeling unsafe in social situations

  • Feeling withdrawn, lonely or isolated

  • Has a hard time listening when others are speaking, making eye contact or communicating using words

  • Difficulty being in noisy, bright or "overstimulating" environments

  • Your child may find it difficult connecting with others, joining in activities with other people and making/keeping friendships


Checked Out or Unfocused

  • Difficulty "staying grounded", being "here", present and engaging with others

  • Your child may appear to just "check out" completely,
    space out or be unable to pay attention in the moment

  • Gets super excited and can't "calm down"

Special needs (Exceptionalities)

  • Autism, Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, brain injury or is very hyperactive

  • Difficulty self-regulating and can sometimes be poorly labeled as the “behaviour kid

  • Children with exceptionalities or are labeled as having 
    “special needs”



  • Diagnosed with a brain injury or some type of invisible disability or mysterious illness that nobody can seem to understand and aren't quite sure how to support

  • Seen as "sick" and is constantly going from appointment to appointment or various "specialists" to seek answers and support.

If this is you, feel free to connect and we can talk more about this and if play-based healing might be a more supportive approach so that the focus is not always on the "problem" or "sickness" to be healed/fixed but instead the child has a space to heal while being seen for the beautiful, whole and healthy person they are and all that is possible for them!

Spiritual + Safety Challenges

  • Sensitive and empathic

  • Highly spiritual, connects often to Higher realms and finds it hard to “get grounded”. Your child may find it "safer" outside of their body rather than in their body, in their family or "down here" feeling grounded. They might need some help loving being human, being in a body and receive support enjoying life on Earth & being in a family with lots of connection time that may currently feel overwhelming or too much for them.

  • “Rainbow child”, “indigo child” or “crystal child”.

Sensitive and empath kids are in tune with the energies around them and are often sick or diagnosed with other health challenges (may experience chronic inflammatory symptoms) due to their sensitivity and inability to create boundaries around their energy (be able to discern what's theirs/what's not). 


Did you recognize your child in any of the above?

Reach out and let's have a talk about working

(and PLAYING) together!

Sharing is Caring!


What some families have shared after working with Amanda:


"Me and Emaline have been butting heads since her birth. It's been a journey of many hard days, nights and moments of wondering why we can't just get along.


Over the years I have found many ways to heal our relationship and tools that I've used. Some on the physical level, some the emotional, some the spiritual. And we've come a LONG WAY! BUT there has still been this pinch of resistance from both of us that keeps us in the same place. We are very much alike - she is my biggest mirror! So yes, this has some to do with it but I've always felt like I've been searching for the next thing I could bring to our relationship to help her through her feelings and mine. And then I met Amanda.


Amanda has many wonderful gifts and one of them is working with children through Play. What is play-based healing? Well, that would be a blog post! There's so much to share! But the Coles notes  is to give your child a safe space to express their feelings through play. One of Emaline's go to expressions is that she goes into fight or flight when she is feeling certain things. She will either become aggressive or she will run away - literally, to both (I've been kicked and jumped on and I've ran around Costco or out of the park after her). Amanda works one on one, in virtual sessions, with Emaline, through play and this allows her to understand her more and is able to give her tools that will bring her back into a safe space more quickly when she is triggered by something.


We are only 4 weeks in and I am amazed at the difference these sessions have made in her ability to express how she is feeling. She's communicating more instead of going into her fight or flee reactions. I've been able to learn SO MUCH about her from the session take aways that Amanda sends after each one. And she has SO MANY amazing tools and ideas on how to address a certain situation or recurring patterns through play, that Emaline has really enjoyed.


I will be honest. Having to look to someone else for support with Emaline and her feelings and growth REALLY hit my EGO. A LOT. haha. But even though I've learned so much about all the things, sometimes your child just doesn't want to hear about it from you. I HAD TO GET REALLY OK ABOUT THAT. And I'm glad I did because our entire family is winning from this! It's SO important to understand how your child plays! Cause that's where their feelings are. And once you start to understand their feelings, is where the magic happens."

~ Julie, Emaline’s Mom



"Prior to play-based healing, I had been hearing negative things from my child’s teacher and school.  He doesn’t like school or learning there, but LOVED all the things him and Amanda did together (which is also learning, he just didn’t realize it). It was also nice to have reassurance that we have a good kid, we are all doing the best we can and dealing with experiences with the tools that we have. 

It was nice to have someone say: “Hey, you’re doing a great job”.


Amanda is so approachable, warm, and caring. She supports both the child and the parent. Amanda really shows great patience and can see the best in every person. Her care and compassion shines through.


Oli loved spending time with Amanda. His  favourite parts about child-led play-based healing were: 

chocolate chocolate cookies, kinetic sand and having fun playing together!


~ Caitlin, Olivier’s Mom 



Since my 5-year old son has taken the Play-Based Healing Program with Amanda, I have noticed much more space for emotions in our family. We are talking more about the emotions that we witness in each other.  Amazingly, when we name the emotion, I can see an instant shift. The emotion is still present but less overwhelming.  I see we are all taking more ownership for how we feel when the emotion is identified and that allows us to then honour the emotion and then take care what we need. The most amazing shift was being coached and validated through our journey embracing anger. I really have begun to trust that all emotions are safe and valued!


Amanda helped me to believe that all emotions are welcome. As a parent, I did know that emotions are communicating to us but I couldn't trust that they were all safe. The space that Amanda created and all the validation and support she provided consistently showed me that. I would (and have) recommended Amanda to others! Emotions are so important and I would hope more children and families are able to have support with understanding and embracing and communicating their feelings.


Amanda is a FANTASTIC communicator Her positive energy is contagious. Amanda's shining quality is her ability to listen with her heart and show genuine compassion and interest. My son Clark would say EVERYTHING is the best part of Amanda. I think he just loved her presence, attention and enthusiasm for play. I know he also really loved her play space. I really appreciated the follow up emails sent the same day as the appointment, I loved that I could email Amanda in between appointments and I loved the little journal she gave Clark. Amanda has a really wonderful program here! 


Thank you Amanda for being you and shining your light onto my family!!

~ Naledi, Clark's Mom

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