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All About Emotions Mini Program For Parents

This five-week program is designed to support you as a parent to learn to honour your emotions in a way that allows you to model this and teach it to your children.


This program is a great place to start if you notice you are not feeling like your best self or have some unexpressed or uncomfortable emotions under the surface (stealing your joy, your fun, your presence,

and the connection you desire to have with yourself and your child).

When you can feel it all, you can truly connect and have the relationships you desire.


Contrary to popular belief, all emotions are safe, and the more you can be with them without judgement (and with acceptance and allowance for their meanings and messages) — the more present and capable of connection you will feel. 


Also, the better parent you will be, in a way that allows your child to feel safe, seen, and guided by you.

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This program will help both you and your child learn how to move through emotions and navigate big feelings and temper tantrums, so you and your child can feel more regulated in your nervous systems, calmer, and genuinely more connected…by meeting your needs with aligned tools

for both you and your sensitive child.


The more safe you feel with your own emotions, the safer your child will feel in your presence.

The more you can greet yourself and your emotions with compassion, the more present and playful you will be as a parent — which will ripple out to your child and family as a whole!

This bundle is for you if:

You know it feels challenging to let your child feel, be in, and express their emotions.You struggle when it comes to letting emotions be felt and expressed in yourself and your family. You shut down when you feel so-called “negative emotions” and make them bad, and thus do not allow them to be felt or expressed to yourself or to those you love.


You often feel triggered when your child is feeling, showing, or sharing really big emotions or feelings (especially tantrums). You find it difficult to stay calm, present, or allow them to feel what they are feeling. You feel like you get mad or frustrated (or sad that you never had someone hold space for your emotions the way you are needing to for your child now). You sometimes feel resentment for not having the emotional space held for you when you needed it.

You don’t feel safe being seen in your sad, mad/angry, or difficult feelings. You try to be happy all the time and notice that you want to control your child’s emotions and have them only feel the happy emotions too. Yet you realise this doesn’t feel aligned and you actually want to feel safer in your emotions (honouring the full spectrum) so you can also do that for and with your child and your loved ones. You honour that being human is important and are ready to understand what your emotions need and may be telling you. 

You are struggling to support your sensitive or emotional child when their big feelings come up, and want to learn tools to support “how you feel about their feelings” AND how to support them in theirs. You’re ready to hear the best parenting tips, tools, and strategies around how to support children with their emotions — by being willing to stay with your own. You care deeply for your child and are ready to honour yourself and them by expanding your capacity to be present, through learning how to make friends with your emotions and honour them.


You know you shy away from feeling or having emotional releases or expressing your truths. You want to feel the things you’re pushing down or learn how to get to the other side (the true connections and being able to feel confident expressing yourself) so you can model and support your child to do the same. You desire connected relationships and want to share safety, acceptance, and connection with your family. You know that there are things you each struggle to allow, accept, or feel and are ready to learn new ways to help you all connect and express.

You don’t know what to do when your child has tantrums, big feelings, “difficult emotions” or moments. You want to learn how to handle these moments so they feel easier and you can feel calmer, more confident, and connected to what your child needs from you. You are ready to get help and have some new tools in your toolbox to support your family and sensitive child. Or the people you love and care for.

Get ready to learn and make friends with your emotions so your family can feel safer with emotions while feeling more present and connected in everyday moments! Let's help your family find your words and healthier ways to express your needs so everyone can feel heard and seen! :)

Join the program!

We have two options:

$555 CAD

5 payments of $111 CAD

When you join the "All About Emotions Mini Program For Parents", you will gain access to five weeks of teaching videos
that will guide you to learn the following:


Week 1: Communication Basics

A 3-step system and some stories to help guide you through tantrums to better find your words and express your emotions/needs/wants in happier + healthier ways!


Week 2: Making Friends With Your Emotions

The difference between feelings and emotions, and the meaning in emotions and why we need to feel and honour them instead of numbing or suppressing them.


Week 3: Safe to Feel and Heal Together

This week is all about how to create a safe inner and outer space to be able to healthily & lovingly process and explore emotions as a family.


Week 4: Emotional Release Tools For Parents

Three tools to teach you how to greet and honour emotions so you can let them go and move forward with greater calm, connection, and presence.


Week 5: Your Sensitive Child

All about your sensitive child and the tools they need to be able to process and express their emotions better and learn to ground themselves, manage their energy, and find safety within + with others!

Bonus! Private Slack Group for community members

Stay connected and get support from Amanda and connect with other parents in our private Slack group where you can share your questions, receive support, and celebrate your wins!

Buy the program!

$555 CAD

5 payments of $111 CAD

What Amanda's clients have to share

“I have noticed much more space for emotions in our family. We are talking more about the emotions that we witness in each other. Amazingly, when we name the emotion, I can see an instant shift. The emotion is still present but less overwhelming. I see we are all taking more ownership for how we feel when the emotion is identified and that allows us to then honour the emotion and then take care of what we need. The most amazing shift was being coached and validated through our journey embracing anger. I really have begun to trust that all emotions are safe and valued!


Amanda helped me to believe that all emotions are welcome. As a parent, I did know that emotions are communicating to us but I couldn't trust that they were all safe. The space that Amanda created and all the validation and support she provided consistently showed me that. I would (and have) recommended Amanda to others! Emotions are so important and I would hope more children and families are able to have support with understanding and embracing and communicating their feelings.”

— Naledi S

“Our entire family is winning from this! It's SO important to understand how your child plays! Because that's where their feelings are. And once you start to understand their feelings, is where the magic happens."

— Julie C.

"Amanda helped me to see that when I put myself first, this has a positive effect on the whole family

(like an upward spiral or 'ripple effect'). I can see that if I’m not in a good place, that affects everybody.

If I am not in a good place mentally and physically, then I can’t help the rest of my family.

I have learned to apply this in different areas of my life and learned coping strategies to deal with any 'symptoms', emotional challenges (outbursts) or difficulties my child is experiencing.

I can see how supporting myself in those moments also supports him.”

— Sofia

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the All About Emotions Mini-Program aligned for me and my child?

Trust your gut. Only you know best. This program will be great for you if you are open to the teachings and ready to love yourself and your child(ren), all emotions included. This program will support both you and your child, and will be especially supportive to those who really struggle to tend to their emotions and be present when their child is feeling a lot of big feelings, emotions, or temper tantrums. If you know there is something your child needs in terms of honouring and expressing their emotions in ways that feel aligned and developmentally appropriate, this program will be great for you! If you find it hard to do the healing work and need more ongoing support that also includes inner-child healing and re-parenting support, you will definitely be supported with this, but could benefit from some ongoing one-on-one coaching calls with Amanda.


This program is a self-paced program with 50-minute-plus video teachings. This program is great for parents who are ready to feel more empowered and safe (and more present) when it comes to emotions, and want to take action to implement the tips, tools, and strategies in the program within their family. If you are someone who would benefit from more direct support and need someone to hold your hand and have ongoing support for you as a parent and your child, then another program of Amanda’s is better suited to your needs. If you’re happy to watch the program, make time to watch the weekly videos and take the steps with the support of the Slack community - this will benefit you. If you need ongoing coaching and one-on-one support, this may not be the best program for you.

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is not for the parent who doesn’t want to expand their consciousness and comfort level with honouring emotions. This program is not for people who don’t do well with self-paced programs and actually need a more integrative ongoing support experience, or for those who struggle to implement the video teachings in programs. This program is not for someone who has too much on the go, is not willing to create the space to  watch all weekly videos and practise what they learn while watching.

What happens after I join?

After you join, you will receive a welcome email with an invitation to set up your Kajabi portal to access all video teachings (which also has a link to the Slack community group to comment weekly as you navigate the program). We look forward to supporting and celebrating you in the community! If you have any issues with this, please email so we can help get you properly set up with the bundle!

Can I watch the videos with my child present in the room?

For this program, I would not recommend this. There is healing energy and transmissions in the teachings, and considering the content, there may be emotions that come up that want to be explored privately. There will be some exploration of emotional release tools which are best explored and used in a room without your children present so you can feel safe to feel fully without needing to think about how your child will interpret or feel this.

How much is the investment to receive the program?

There are two payment options. You can pay $555 CAD in one full payment to begin the program or you can pay 5 monthly payments of $111 CAD over the period of 5 months (your card will be charged consecutively for 5 months on the same date).

Is there a refund policy?

No, we do not offer refunds. If you are struggling with any of the content, please engage in the Slack community so you can get “unstuck” and make sure to receive the support you signed up for.

More questions?

If we didn't cover your questions here, please email us at and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours and answer any questions you have!

Ready to join the All About Emotions Mini Program For Parents?

Buy the program!

$555 CAD

5 payments of $111 CAD

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