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Bedtime, Big Emotions & the Nervous System

Get tips to help soothe your child and yourself before bed

so you can all fall asleep faster and with less stress!

Wednesday, August 17th

8:30 - 9:30pm ET

Coaching evening with Amanda!


- Does your child (especially your sensitive child) have trouble falling asleep?


-Do you notice this is when they suddenly feel: uncomfortable emotions, sensations, energy, big tummy troubles, “worries” or "what ifs"?


I hear this from parents A LOT.


Bedtime can be tough, especially when it’s not always the time you feel your best, most energized, or patient as a parent.

The good thing is there are tons of tools to help support them to feel calmer, more relaxed, and able to fall asleep.

The 60-minute group coaching call with Amanda will support you as a parent to:

Learn at least 2 new tools/techniques to help your child release their big emotions before bed and tap into the present moment & their parasympathetic nervous system. This will help soothe and calm their nervous system so your child will more easily and quickly fall asleep (and have a better night’s sleep!).

Connect + engage with other parents, hear them talk through their bedtime routine challenges, allowing you and fellow parents to feel “seen, heard, and no longer alone” in the bedtime “stuff”…

while being able to leave the call having received intuitively guided support for you, your child, and your bedtime routine.

There will also be a quick meditation/visualization and a teaching on “tools for your child,” followed by Q&A Coaching for you as a parent to ask specific questions about your child’s challenges and have more clarity in your bedtime routine (so you can leave the call knowing how to help them soothe their big emotions and have an easier time falling asleep and achieving a more connected, calm, supportive bedtime routine).

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