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Calm + Compassionate Communication for Families

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Calm + Compassionate Communication for Families is a 1-hour digital course about Marshall B. Rosenberg's "Non-Violent Communication" in the context of families. I share how to apply this through a teaching video + resource booklet!

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About the course

In this course (which is Module 3 of my Playful & Aligned Parent Program), I teach you how to use this communication framework to address communication challenges and needs in your family.

This will:

Support you to better understand your family's needs/wants and clear requests, and how to share clearly and compassionately in your family — so everyone can feel heard.

Help to allow both yours and your child's needs to be better met and give you a roadmap and framework to better speak and hear one another!

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This training makes sure everyone gets to feel seen, heard, and understood in a way that makes sense for everyone while meeting you and your kiddos where you are at! You'll also have a resource booklet to come back to and keep practising with so that everyone can feel confident expressing in new, more loving ways and clearly know how to ask for what they need within your family.

Now only $33 CAD in this exclusive Black Friday deal! 

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