Eat, PLAY, Love:
A Recipe for Rewiring your Brain, Finding your FUN and YOU Again

Hi there reader!!


I am so grateful for you being a test reader of 

“Eat, PLAY, Love: A Recipe for Rewiring your Brain/Fears, 

Finding your FUN and YOU again!”


I really appreciate your time, your commitment to your

personal growth (and FUN) and your 

willingness to be a reader and give me your honest feedback.


Before you start reading you will NEED:


  • A Blank Journal (something fun that sparks JOY in you)

  • Your fave pen, marker or writing utensil

  • An open mind/heart and willingness to complete the “take-away and play” activities, be open to where you feel guided to while you read and willingness to get real with you and take the steps your soul is guiding you to!

  • Fill out the Before Reading Questionnaire so you can acknowledge and witness your transformation through reading (nothing like a "before" and "after" to celebrate YOU and your personal journey!

While you are reading, I would like you to:


  • Read the book at a consistent pace while also knowing there will be moments you feel guided to take longer and integrate learning within the chapters and let yourself connect to what you need.

  • Go back to certain chapters when you are feeling called and be sure to complete the “take-away and play” activities in each chapter to make the most out of it and be able to give informed feedback. 

  • Make notes of “what I did not understand”, “what I need more direction/information on to better understand” and “What I loved most and what really supported me” or any other changes that would be helpful to receive the most from the book and your transformational journey and experience healing through the wisdom and practices of the book. 

  • If you have any questions that come up while reading and want to get them out so you don’t forget, please email Amanda at

Once you are done reading and feel complete, please fill out:


  • Post-Reading Questionnaire and all the notes you made while reading that answer the questions above. Let me know how you feel after taking this journey!! :) 


Book Resources/Meditations:

Chapter 4: Take-Away & PLAY (Let's Pause + simply BE)
Chapter 7: Take-Away & PLAY (Your shit is your shift!)
Chapter 10: Take-Away & PLAY (Your Feeling-Superpower Visualization)

Chapter 13 Videos (and Sing-a-long SONGS!) 

Thank you!

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