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Book your 1-hour Life Coaching
session with Amanda


Life Coaching sessions are for parents or adults who desire to get un-stuck and find clarity, ease, connection & confidence. These sessions will support you to have a better understanding of who you really are and what you need & desire moving forward. These sessions are a safe space to compassionately explore an area of your life that you desire a change in. You will be supported to cultivate a greater connection to self to create positive changes in your life, family, relationships & career.


You will have a safe space to talk about what you really desire, what you are currently struggling with & find better ways to make changes, regulate your nervous system & support yourself. This will support you to show up more confident and more easily connect, communicate, ask for & receive your desires and needs.

In your session, you will have the opportunity to share a particular challenge you have been experiencing and are ready for a shift in. You will learn a new coaching tool or exercise to help you improve this area of your life so you can walk away from the session with confidence and clarity to better support yourself

(and your children or those you are in relationship with) moving forward.

Some coaching tools that may be used in a session include:

Meditation or Guided Visualizations, PLAY (Finding your own play-based practise)

Breathwork, Movement & Emotional Release tools

Energy Healing & Brain-based exercises 

Somatic Release Techniques & Embodiment practises

Self-forgiveness & Self-compassion exercises

IFS (Internal Family Systems), Inner Child Healing + Parts Work

Non-Violent Communication & Conflict Resolution Tools

Neuroscience & Neuro-linguistic Programming

Masculine/Feminine Energetics

Heart-Guided Healing Exercises

These sessions are ideal for parents who want to better understand how to support their child to communicate their needs and feel safer in their bodies, especially when they are having tantrums,

anxiety, really big emotions, or are struggling with confidence issues, worries, fears at bedtime or feeling unsafe in certain scenarios or environments. This will support you to feel safer within yourself and less triggered so you can compassionately and more easily access the guidance, aligned tool or exercises that help you guide yourself and your child to greater calm & connection. 


A coaching session is also ideal for parents or adults navigating life transitions or people who desire to make a change in their career to support their dreams & aligned vision of being a more present person & parent.  These sessions will allow you to have a safe space to feel seen, heard, and connected to your ideal vision. This will support you to identify the shifts needed, take aligned actions, while healing & creating changes from the inside-out. These sessions will support you to break through your current challenges or limiting beliefs around what's possible so you can create the

life, family, relationships, and career you desire.


 If you want to explore if coaching with Amanda is an aligned fit for you before booking a session,

book a 30 minute connection call below. We can chat & find out if it's an aligned fit!

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