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You've tried what feels like everything to shift a certain area of your life, from your health, your relationships, or your approach to parenting. You're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and always on "high alert" or living in "trigger city" (hello trauma triggers and child tantrums hitting that button!)

You or a family member experience chronic health issues, challenging emotions, or a life-altering diagnosis. You may be a parent of a child with similar challenges (big feelings, tantrums or a suspected diagnosis or label that feels overwhelming and hard for you to know what to do). 

You've experienced a lot of trauma or loss in the past and could use some support "letting go" of the fears, the labels, the stories, super-sensitivity and the hurt associated with these past experiences.

It feels like no matter what you do or try, it isn't enough or it isn't really working. Or really, underneath it all, you may be feeling like you are "not enough". (Shame, blame, guilt *mom guilt*, big feelings, uncertainty and SO MUCH anxiety and fear — we welcome you here! You and your emotions are safe here!)

You have a hard time "pausing" or enjoying life, taking that time to "just be", and are constantly "do, do, doing", living from one "to-do list" to the next...forgetting that you matter just as much as your goals and achievements do. You may find it easier to focus on your goals than be with the emotions.

You feel like there are a lot of BIG emotions or uncomfortable feelings (or pain) in your body coming up lately (or trying to). You also keep hitting your "upper limits" and are not sure why it feels like you are going backwards...when you REALLY want to move forwards to live the life you really want!

You're having a hard time finding love, acceptance, connection, and compassion moving through these big feelings and changes in your life. And you may have a tendency to want to "fix", control, avoid them, or make them "go away" in order to "be OKAY"!? Cue *anxiety*...this seems ever-present.

You have BIG dreams, desires, goals, and visions for your life/family and are scared of needing to "get it right", know the whole path before you take the next step or fear it may never happen for you.

You're in a period of change/transition or desiring one, feeling alone and perhaps a little scared of the unknown. Not to mention, parenting feels lonely and like you need more people in your "village" who really SEE YOU, GET YOU and can hold for what is currently up for you, with compassion

Despite all the “fixing” you are doing to find a solution in this area of your life, you still feel stuck.

Do you need some help moving from this constant state of "fight or flight"       to
"stay and play"     so you CAN stop surviving and finally start living the life that
YOU want and choose (with someone along the journey with you)?!

fight or flight

stay and play

Love and

Acceptance Coaching

6-month Transformational Coaching Program
Let's support you to find your way, even if it feels like there is no way.
"No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it" 
-Albert Einstein

Are you in need of a "miracle", a shift in perception, and a different perspective?

Could you use some help shifting from fear to love

(and meeting your parenting fears with a whole lot of love) 

along with a loving safe space & support to allow for this? 


Are you ready for a new way through? Just like in the story about "going on a bear hunt",

you can't go over it, you can't go under have to go THROUGH it! 

The only way through anything is through

love and acceptance