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This program is for          if...



You've tried what feels like everything to shift a certain area of your life, from your health, your relationships, or your approach to parenting. You're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and always on "high alert" or living in "trigger city" (hello trauma triggers and child tantrums hitting that button!)

You or a family member experience chronic health issues, challenging emotions, or a life-altering diagnosis. You may be a parent of a child with similar challenges (big feelings, tantrums or a suspected diagnosis or label that feels overwhelming and hard for you to know what to do). 

You've experienced a lot of trauma or loss in the past and could use some support "letting go" of the fears, the labels, the stories, super-sensitivity and the hurt associated with these past experiences.

It feels like no matter what you do or try, it isn't enough or it isn't really working. Or really, underneath it all, you may be feeling like you are "not enough". (Shame, blame, guilt *mom guilt*, big feelings, uncertainty and SO MUCH anxiety and fear — we welcome you here! You and your emotions are safe here!)

You have a hard time "pausing" or enjoying life, taking that time to "just be", and are constantly "do, do, doing", living from one "to-do list" to the next...forgetting that you matter just as much as your goals and achievements do. You may find it easier to focus on your goals than be with the emotions.

You feel like there are a lot of BIG emotions or uncomfortable feelings (or pain) in your body coming up lately (or trying to). You also keep hitting your "upper limits" and are not sure why it feels like you are going backwards...when you REALLY want to move forwards to live the life you really want!

You're having a hard time finding love, acceptance, connection, and compassion moving through these big feelings and changes in your life. And you may have a tendency to want to "fix", control, avoid them, or make them "go away" in order to "be OKAY"!? Cue *anxiety*...this seems ever-present.

You have BIG dreams, desires, goals, and visions for your life/family and are scared of needing to "get it right", know the whole path before you take the next step or fear it may never happen for you.

You're in a period of change/transition or desiring one, feeling alone and perhaps a little scared of the unknown. Not to mention, parenting feels lonely and like you need more people in your "village" who really SEE YOU, GET YOU and can hold for what is currently up for you, with compassion

Despite all the “fixing” you are doing to find a solution in this area of your life, you still feel stuck.

Do you need some help moving from this constant state of "fight or flight"       to
"stay and play"     so you CAN stop surviving and finally start living the life that
YOU want and choose (with someone along the journey with you)?!

fight or flight

stay and play

Love and

Acceptance Coaching

6-month Transformational Coaching Program
Let's support you to find your way, even if it feels like there is no way.
"No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it" 
-Albert Einstein

Are you in need of a "miracle", a shift in perception, and a different perspective?

Could you use some help shifting from fear to love

(and meeting your parenting fears with a whole lot of love) 

along with a loving safe space & support to allow for this? 


Are you ready for a new way through? Just like in the story about "going on a bear hunt",

you can't go over it, you can't go under have to go THROUGH it! 

The only way through anything is through

love and acceptance

We cannot shift something when we are continually judging it, resisting it, fearing it, or not allowing ourselves to BE with it, breathe through it and honour what it wants us to learn.

How can we learn and grow while letting "it" simply help us grow into who we truly want to be?

How can I shift from "why is this happening TO me" to "why is this happening FOR me"? 


Whatever the "it" is, we can go through it together. Everything is better when we share in it together!

When we have a sense of connection and a "partner" along the journey with us.

You deserve to feel safe loved accepted and connected!

Ready to have a safe space  to feel your feelings and fears, and know that you're not alone?




Love and acceptance coaching includes:


A 6-month intuitively guided program designed to meet you where you are, and support where you want to be (including support for you/your family). 

Two bi-weekly (90 minute) sessions per month. Each package allows space between sessions each month for integration, rest, play and action-taking.

Ongoing e-mail support throughout the 6 months 

to share wins, AHA moments, ask questions

and receive on-the-spot support around a challenge that has come up to further integrate and embody the kind of person and parent you desire to be.

A coaching session might include:


Feeling, naming, releasing and processing emotions, somatics, IFS, breathwork, journaling, visualizations, inner child healing, talk therapy, accountability practices, art and play-based healing processes, energy healing tools, grounding support and having a present-moment intuitive practice.

Love and Acceptance Coaching is a safe space for you to feel, so you can heal and find your FUN (and happy) again!

Each session is designed to best guide and support YOU so you can

feel and honour your feelings and fears while finding your inner calm.

Let's support you to believe in YOU, what’s possible for you/your family, and see yourself

as whole and complete (even if you are currently feeling far from it). 

It’s about helping you to know that you are not alone, you are definitely not “broken”

and can be and do anything you set your heart and mind to.

So what does your heart want? 

You get to CHOOSE!

Want to see if this transformational parent coaching program is the right fit for you? 

"I can’t really put into words how meeting Amanda has changed me. She is truly inspirational and her positivity, enthusiasm, and kindness are contagious. Amanda has really helped me to see things differently and accept what is and what could be. I will be forever grateful for her. I met Amanda during one of the most difficult periods of my life. At the time, Amanda was brought into work with my youngest son. However, it became apparent that I was in desperate need of coaching, self-love and healing. I was feeling alone, uncertain, vulnerable, and not able to see my own worth. I wasn’t sure how I could ever rise above it at all or see a way through. Amanda helped me see that I was worthy of putting myself first after a long time of putting others well-being before my own.


After working with Amanda, I was able to focus on myself and believe in myself. This gave me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could do and it changed my approach and way of thinking. I was able to find a job after not working for a long time because of the “I can” belief instilled in me by Amanda really teaching me that everything is possible and nothing is impossible! I was doing stuff that I normally would not do because of all the talks we had together and how Amanda taught me to approach and see things. She helped me to see that when I put myself first, this has a positive effect on the whole family (like an upward spiral or “ripple effect”). I can see that if I’m not in a good place, that affects everybody. If I am not in a good place mentally and physically, then I can’t help the rest of my family. I have learned to apply this in different areas of my life and learned coping strategies to deal with any “symptoms”, emotional challenges (outbursts) or difficulties my child is experiencing. I can see how supporting myself in those moments also supports him.”

~ Soofia, Oakville, ON


During the program you will...


Learn tools that are supportive of what you want and need, and have more time to embody your whole self (inner child included!) 

Make a gameplan to help you find what "tools" and daily practices will be most supportive for you (and your whole family) so you can feel empowered to

be your true self, ask for/receive what you want and need! (alongside modeling this for your kids!)

Have a safe space to express and also try on new ways of being and practice tools like: meditation/visualization, journaling and self-care practices. This allows you to feel a sense of hope

in what can be, while accepting what is and taking the steps to move forward in your life's journey. 

Love and acceptance coaching is for you if...


You're ready to release and move beyond this “not enough” story and to really own your desire for more!

You're ready to trade in those old patterns (like perfectionism, performing, procrastination and people-pleasing) for more play, patience and presence in your everyday!!! All while having some ongoing support to allow you to be and embody the truest most wholehearted and heart-centered YOU!

You're currently a parent, deeply desire to become a parent, or could really use some extra support “re-parenting” yourself and your own inner child.

You have a hard time connecting to your feelings or your own inner knowing and want some support re-learning what you may not have previously learned or received as a little kid.

You desire to feel empowered and grounded in who you are so you can be a more empowered person/parent — and to feel a greater sense of calm & ease in all areas of your life.

You desire to connect with yourself and your loved ones in a more conscious and compassionate way, making space for more playtime and quality time connecting in the way each person needs/desires.

You're always putting everybody else's needs, wants and dreams first.

You're constantly holding everybody else (and everything together)…while realizing you're finally ready to let somebody else hold you! Are you ready to break up with the “mothers are martyrs” paradigm and become a mother who is a beautiful empowered model while parenting from your intuition alongside learning with/from others too??)

You're ready to heal family dynamics, unhealthy patterns and trauma/pain, while finding better ways to connect, communicate, and play together? 

You're ready to learn some new tools, tips, and embody new ways of being so you can model this to your children.


There is definitely "no one size fits all" which is the beauty of individualized coaching for YOU! 

You will have someone to support you, hold you (and the vision of the TRUE YOU) while guiding you through to create the life and the story YOU choose. 

And the beautiful thing is you ALWAYS

have a CHOICE!


So what do you want? You get to choose! And choosing to have support along the journey of

life & parenting is always a great choice! 

What people are saying about the program


"I reached out to Amanda because my older son Kane and I were triggering each other causing anger outbursts (from unprocessed grief of losing their father) that was causing division in our family and I desired cohesiveness as a unit. Since taking “Love and Acceptance Coaching” with Amanda, I am more aware of the feelings within myself and other characteristics I have used to survive that have been keeping me stuck. Together, I have continued to widen the window of tolerance. My trauma (PTSD) loop is less prevalent and I no longer feel like I am always in the “fight or flight” window. I am starting to be able to process information better and this is helping me be able to move forward in my life’s journey. 


What I found most helpful in my time with Amanda was feeling truly seen and heard and having consistent support during intense processing of emotions. She supported me to create new neuropathways of safety in my head and my heart (a sense of balance). I think part of why this happened is because of a soul felt connection with Amanda. I would most definitely recommend her to others because Amanda has a unique ability to connect on levels not easily explained. All you have to do is meet Amanda and feel the energy and passion she has for helping others. I believe people would instantly feel safe in her presence and the way she can connect with each person is truly a gift and very inspiring to me.”

~ Suzi, Creemore, ON


“My experience working with Amanda was completely transformative and one of the most profound experiences of my life. When I met Amanda I was suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, and PCOS. Despite my committed efforts to a wide gamut of healing protocols from both western and alternative doctors, I could not get healthy. 


In working with Amanda, my health transformed and I underwent a paradigm shift in self-perception and thus my perception of life beyond my self. In each session, I felt the weight of my symptoms evaporate and a growing sense of power to heal from within. To speak of my transformation is to speak of the way it feels to be alive. My life and vision for my future is limitless, unbounded, broken open and expanding. My symptoms of fatigue are significantly less, my hormones are easily balanced, I eat for pleasure, and I am simply happy. I'm working full-time for the first time in my life. At the end of the week I feel energized and excited for the weekend. I spend long hours in the art studio; a practice I had abandoned in my sickness. I am more connected with friends and family. I feel true self-love.

In the big picture of health care, I believe there is nothing greater that one can receive than the ability to heal from within, and the empowerment that comes from the process of realizing this power. Thriving health is available to everyone Amanda works with. Amanda's coaching creates immediate and potent changes in health.


Amanda is warm, kind, loving, and non-judgmental. Her presence in our sessions was full of light and positivity. She is intuitive and perceptive of other people's needs. These qualities combined with her deep understanding of neuroplasticity made for effortless and powerful sessions. From our first meeting, I felt safe to be vulnerable with Amanda. When she listens, I feel like she is really hearing me and when she speaks, I feel renewed focus and confidence.

Another one of Amanda's strengths is her ability to reflect her clients' progress.

Given the non-linear path of recovery, this was totally critical in my journey. At the times when I lost sight of my trajectory, Amanda celebrated my hard work and my a sense stepping into the role of a higher self when I was struggling to occupy that level of mind. This catalyzed my healing and shortened my lapses of self. This speaks to Amanda's dedication and true caring for her clients.”

~ Anne, Port Townsend, Washington



"Prior to working with Amanda, I had a bad relationship with money. No matter how hard I worked, I still wouldn't feel like I was worthy or deserved it. I spent a lot of time on personal development around manifesting it but still had this blockage in my body and mind. 

After our sessions, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my chest. Two weeks after our final session, I closed the largest deal in the history of the company I work for ($300K+). I now have very different thoughts surrounding money, how it flows and what it means to me. Thank you Amanda for the difference you have made in my life!"

 ~ Brandon, Collingwood, ON

"Since working with Amanda, I feel much more aware and accepting of both my thoughts and emotions — and better understand their connection. I now have tools to use when the going gets tough which has been a positive thing for both me and my family. Generally, I feel calmer and things feel easier than they did before our work together

(because of the shifts within myself).

What was most supportive was Amanda’s ability to connect the dots within our family — see where the patterns were and how we can help each other by helping ourselves. My most amazing shift has been releasing the control I was (unknowingly) trying to have over everything and everyone. I now have new awareness and thinking about/seeing things differently thanks to Amanda’s coaching.

I would 100% recommend Amanda to others because she has a unique gift and is just a really wonderful person to get to spend an hour with each week. Amanda has a unique and super effective way of ‘getting at’ the blocks and subconscious thoughts that are holding us back, and helping to move through them with love and acceptance."


~ Janet, Collingwood, Ontario

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