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Group coaching Call with Amanda!


Making Friends With Your "Parts" - Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Tuesday, November 22nd, 11:00 am ET

In this group coaching call, Amanda will share a little bit about what "Internal Family Systems Therapy" is and how to get to know the "parts" showing up in your system, guide you through getting to know them a little better, and tell you how to make friends with them and support their true needs, while helping you get YOUR needs met.

Amanda will coach and guide you in getting to work with your own parts (with more compassion, connection, play, and ease).

Amanda will help you learn how to work with what "parts" show up for you so you can lead from "self" and stop sabotaging, perfecting, people-pleasing, or whatever your parts have you do in order to feel safe, loved, connected, accepted, or approved of.

This coaching call will support you to better understand yourself and your own inner system so you can confidently show up for what you want/need regardless of the "parts" that have played a starring role in your life, family, and system.

Leave the coaching call feeling more aligned with "self" energy, trusting in you, and knowing who you are, what you need, and how to take the lead back in your own life, family, and internal system.

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