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The Mama Needs a Minute Masterclass Bundle!

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Make your "mama me time" a priority,

find your FUN Again so you can feel more connected to your child AND YOU! 

Exclusive Black Friday Deal!

Get access to three exclusive video masterclasses PLUS a 30-minute connection call with Amanda for only $49!



Lightening the Motherload



How to Find Connection & Joy in Parenting Again

with 3 fun, practical and communication-based steps



Make Friends with Your Feelings & Find Your FUN in Parenting Again

...even through a pandemic

Let go of the mama mental load, find out your priorities & get PRESENT

  • Drop the mental load of parenting and find more presence while prioritizing what really matters

  • Energetically release and "dump" what no longer aligns, is filling up your schedule, your time, your brain and your worries so your body and your schedule feel free for you and your family

  • Let go of the "not enough" stealing your FUN, your joy, and your pure presence, and find some pattern interrupts to bring you back to YOU

  • Receive support to "stay and play" through triggers, communication challenges, or "fight or flight" responses both within you, to support your kiddo, and even to form greater connection with friends and peers, and enjoy them more!

  • Re-define CONNECTION for you and find out how your child learns, plays, and connects best, to support them to communicate more

  • Learn a fun connection and communication game to form stronger bonds as a family

  • Learn the 4 steps to bring more FUN (and peace with your big feelings and emotions) while bringing compassion to yourself through it all

  • Understand and experience how to ask for clear support and guidance with non-violent communication processes and emotional release techniques ("make friends with your feelings/emotions")

  • Receive clear understanding of how you "PLAY" and how to step back, play and use the "stay and play" method to move through any challenge or conflict, and simply make parenting FUNNER!
    Learn how to RECEIVE more all while having more FUN as a parent!

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