This program is for you if...


You're looking for more connection, compassion and open loving communication within your family.

You dream of living in a home where you are seen, heard, and understood, and your children feel the same.

You desire to parent from your own philosophy and way of being (and modeling), rather than the wounds of your childhood (and all that "mom guilt", "shoulds" and "not doing it right" fears.)

You dream of living in a happy harmonious family where it feels safe to be you, where you feel good enough just as you are, and where you feel safe to navigate any conflicts and challenges together.

You are often triggered by your child's behaviour, and really desire to love, accept and support them, but also learn to support and accept these similar parts in yourself too.

You have done work on re-parenting your inner child, have been to therapy or tried other ways to heal and still feel like there is some heavy stuff from childhood affecting how you currently parent and live your life.

You feel ready to move beyond the past and parent from who you choose to be and are so ready to step into…but are feeling confused, unsure, and asking yourself: “LIKE HOW DO I DO THAT!? I feel like I am already trying everything and am at a loss for why parenting still feels this hard!"

You want to set yourself and your children up for a happier, more love, connection, and play-filled future.

You are ready to break up with the "hard", the stress, worries, and the constant "fight or flight", to put your family first and finally find a way to "stay and play" together!


Play Based Healing

6-month Family Coaching Program
Are you ready for a more play-based, family-centred, FUN-focused approach to parenting and healing that lasts?!