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Hi there!


So happy you said YES to YOU and clicked here to take your next step.

It's as easy peasy lemon-squeezey as 1, 2, 3:

1) Fill out the application below. This way, we'll know if you are a fit for the program and also ensure we get to know MORE ABOUT YOU so you can be deeply supported! Fill it out and do the best you can to share what feels important (and have FUN with this!)

2) Pay with the link below!


Below is a link to pay 999 CAD + HST (total 1128.27 CAD) to join the 9 week Parent Playdate Program. *$25 CAD from each sale will be donated to Sick Kids Hospital*

Now that you have honoured your FULL HEART YES to join, click below and sign up now!  

taylor swift.gif

If you are a YES to joining and you are hoping to pay in 2 instalments — please email so she can help you find an easier way to pay!

3) Put on your favourite song and CELEBRATE!!!! Time to have a celebration DANCE PARTY and honour how AWESOME it is that you took this step to invest in YOU: your JOY, your growth, your FUN, your PLAY, your expansion, and your family's too! Every time you put yourself first: you put the people you love first too. Happy parent = happy family! 


Now that you filled out the application, paid already and did your CELEBRATION DANCE!!! YOU'RE OFFICIALLY IN "THE PARENT PLAYDATE PROGRAM"!!! YAY!!!


We are so happy to have you and can't wait to get to know you better soon!


Stay tuned for your welcome email coming your way which will include all next steps and links to the group coaching zoom calls + how to get into the "Parent Playdate Facebook Community Group" + anything else you may need.  


See you soon! We can't wait!!!

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