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Play-Based Healing Programs

Explore our play-based healing programs
for children and parents! 

For your child:

For you and your child:

Child-Led Play-Based Healing

A 5 or 8-week program to support your child to thrive, being their true self! This play-based program will support your child to move through any feelings or big emotions that are coming up for them. Your child will learn to connect + play their way through their “problems”, challenges, or big emotions so they feel seen, safe and supported. This will support your child to feel their best, access their words, and find their way forward with greater safety within and with others, while feeling more confident and self-expressed. 

Family Play-Based Coaching

A 6-month coaching program for you and your child that combines play-based healing and coaching for you as a parent. This program supports your family to improve your parent-child relationships, family dynamics and communication. You and your child will receive ongoing support in the ways that will best serve each of you while welcoming in a new embodied way to live & parent with more ease, connection + PLAY! This program may be the next best thing you didn't even know your family needed! 

Find out what program is aligned for you and your family,  

book a complimentary 30-minute connection call

with Amanda to explore what’s aligned for your family.

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