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RESET Breathwork

Join us for an evening of RESET Breathwork, journaling, and an opportunity to let go of the emotions, stress, or whatever “stuff” is getting in the way of you feeling your best!

Monday, June 19th

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. ET via Zoom

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Are you feeling stressed and caught up in the routines and constant to-do lists, and deeply desire a mind and body reset? Some nourishing on your nervous system and a chance to release what’s in the way of the life you desire?


You're in the right place!

Join Amanda Evans for a monthly online Breathwork class to release any stress, stuck emotions, or stuff keeping you stuck, and let in more peace and true presence.

This month's theme is... TRUST

During RESET Breathwork, you can expect to:

Get out of your head and feel lighter and more connected to your body

Clear any “stuck” emotions or thoughts and deeply heal from the inside out

Turn overwhelm into deeper levels of clarity, calm, trust, and ease

Release what is weighing you down and feel more energised and alive

Surround yourself with like-hearted loving humans from all over the world

Leave more aligned than ever and feeling more present and connected!

You’ll do this using a simple yet powerful 3-part breathing practice with music while laying down, and you’ll be guided the whole way. No prior experience is needed.

With RESET Breathwork, you will…

ecalibrate your nervous system


levate your vibration


omatically release stored emotions


xpand your consciousness


ransform into your most authentic self



This is more than a slow-breathing meditation class, pranayama, or even practices like Wim Hof.

This is like a full workout for your mind, energy, and soul.

Come ready to go all in, stretch yourself, and emerge feeling completely renewed.


*If you are or think you may be pregnant or have a severe uncontrolled physical/mental health condition, this practice is not recommended.

What you need to know & prepare:

Dress in comfy and loose clothing

Have a quiet space to lay down without distractions

Bring a blanket, pillow, eye covering (optional), and headphones

Join us live to get the most out of the experience. However, if you can’t attend, you’ll receive a limited-time replay via email after the class.

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a Zoom link to join us!

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