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Hey parent!

  • Do you ever have those days or moments where you feel dysregulated, overstimulated, triggered & not like the parent you want to be? 
  • Do you have a sensitive child who you know easily picks up on your emotions? And in those moments, it escalates. Like you are home after a full day of parenting, work & juggling all the other things on your to-do list...making one child a snack or getting everyone ready for bedtime, you're feeling exhausted, you have thoughts swirling around your head when suddenly your sensitive child starts to have a total meltdown...
  • While everything in you wants to stay calm, be present & give them what they need...You end up losing it, raising your voice, not feeling able to support your child the way they needed. Somehow you feel like you made it worse and ended up triggering your own child...Now you feel like a total failure, stuck in the shame, guilt...all the pain from your own childhood showing up and stealing your joy & calm when you need it most. Your nervous system is totally not your best friend and your inner voice is criticizing you're stuck fight, flight & freezing all over the place. 
I see you.
I hear you & you're not alone.
So many parents have shared these moments with me. 
That's why I made this coaching program
so you and your sensitive child can feel seen, supported & guided.
  • Are you ready to stop feeling like a failure, shift into compassion & become the calm, connected & fun parent you always wanted to be? Are you ready for a digital program that will help you shift your nervous system & teach you the aligned tools to help you and your sensitive kiddo feel calmer, more connected & regulated...while learning in a much funner way than years of therapy? 
  • The Playful & Aligned Parent Program is designed so you can learn to guide yourself and your child in these moments. To find a new FUNNER & more aligned way forward — where you and your child get to feel the way you both desire and have the confidence to always know what to do in these you can stop feeling like you're doing it all wrong — and trust you know what's "right" — ie. aligned for your child & your family. While making play a priority along the way & building the loving connection you desire!
 "It's not a regular digital coaching program for parents, it's a PLAYFUL & ALIGNED one!" 

"I'm not a regular parent.
I get to be a playful & aligned one! "

The Self-Led Playful and Aligned Parent Program

This 12-week digital coaching program is designed to support you to shift your nervous system so you can experience more FUN, CALM, and PLAY in parenting. This program will guide you to learn tools to support you and your child to better co-regulate,
find your calm, connect, and communicate! 

This digital coaching program is designed for conscious and caring parents who are struggling to find the best way to support their sensitive child when they have big feelings, emotions, and may be expressing their needs through tantrums, going from 0 - 10, and having “fight or flight” responses, which in turn are triggering you, your worries or your wounds as a parent.

This program meets you where you're at — it guides you through, while also giving you access to the tools you need & one-on-one coaching so you can integrate, ask questions, and seek support while watching the program on your own time — letting you come back to the teachings whenever you need (so you can continue to feel seen, supported, and loved on) as you navigate family moments and have everything you need in one place, for LIFE!!

During this 12-week digital coaching program you will:

Learn how to nourish yourself first and regulate your nervous system.

Find your own emotional regulation tools/techniques to parent in a more self-compassionate, calm, and aligned way so you have a greater compass and capacity to teach, support, and guide your children.

Develop your family’s “toolbox” of tools to better support your child’s needs behind the behaviour and big emotions. This will help you and your children to find your words, to more easily communicate and express yourselves in healthier ways — while better connecting and finding your fun together!

The program is designed to hold space for both you and your child to better communicate, connect, regulate, co-regulate, and find your PLAYFUL and aligned way of being in parenting.

The Self-Led Playful and Aligned Parent Digital Coaching Program includes...

12 modules with 50-90+ minutes of video content per week plus downloadable resource booklets. You can watch, integrate & receive parenting guidance at your own pace & in your own timing while having the teaching modules for life!!


2 BONUS 60-minute one-on-one private coaching sessions with Amanda to integrate and receive direct guidance & support for your family.

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A monthly Q&A coaching call + community platform to integrate and share "weekly wins and shifts" or ask any "Hot-Button Questions" so you and your family feel connected, supported & seen at every step of the program! 

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You'll also get a signed copy of Amanda's best-selling book Eat PLAY Love: A Recipe for Rewiring Your Brain, Finding Your FUN & Rediscovering YOU Again and a Mind Body Soul Miracles book bag!!

What you'll learn...
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Module 1: Your Vision as a Playful and Aligned Parent


Module 2: The "Stay and PLAY" Foundation (Connect + Communicate, Share + Repair)


Module 3: NVC, Clear and Compassionate Communication

Module 4: Making Friends with Your Emotions

Module 5: Safe to Feel and Heal Together

Module 6: Emotional Release Tools for Parents

Module 7: Helping You and Your Child Find Your Voice so Everyone Can Feel Heard and Seen

Module 8: Your Child's Emotional Regulation Toolbox

Module 9: The Magic of Family Memories and Finding Your Family's Sensitive Superpowers

Module 10: Music/Breathwork, Dancing, and Family FUN

Module 11: Celebration, Completion, and Checking In

Module 12: Wrapping Up, Integration, and Next Steps

Get lifetime access to the program!!


Pay in full is $1500 CAD or 3 monthly payments of $555 CAD

Or to find out if this program is a fit for you and your family’s desires

sign up for a 30-minute connection call with Amanda

Does your child...

Experience big emotions, and as a parent you don’t always know how to best support them or yourself when you get triggered in these moments? 

Does your child...

Have very big feelings and is considered “highly sensitive”? Do they often FEEL “really big"? Were you that highly sensitive child too (or currently identify as an empath or a highly sensitive human)? Yet even though you have this awareness, you still aren’t always sure what to do or how to support yourself or your child? 

Does your child...

Sometimes show and share these big feelings through really big tantrums, exploding emotions (from 0 - 10 real quick!!), "anxiety" or unsettled feelings, or by going into “fight or flight” REAL FAST? This can sometimes even mean fighting, challenging bedtimes, and frustration (like seeing your child hit, kick, scream, cry, or simply appear spaced out or like they just won’t listen).

Does your child...

Ever share that they are unsure of what these “feelings” are or where they come from but share that they have “worries” or “anxiety” (especially at bedtime)?

mr rogers like photo.jpg

Because you know your child feels emotions very deeply, you really want to be able to better support them with these big emotions. 

You know it’s your job as a parent to share your calm and not join in the chaos, yet you find it a struggle to constantly feel calm and peaceful to guide your child instead of getting caught up in the chaos and your own “stuff” in those challenging moments.

As a parent, do you feel like you need more CALM but don’t know how to create this calm and presence? Are you trying your best but somehow all the trying is leaving you feeling STRESSED?!! (The opposite of FUN, calm, and playful!)

If you are sitting here nodding yes...

I see you and I know you are ready for the breakthrough and consistent support you have been needing and silently (or not so silently) asking for. 

Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated and getting anxious in certain situations with your kids?

Does it sometimes manifest in you feeling controlling of their emotions or the situation?

Do you ever just want their emotions to STOP or “go away”, even if you know that “feeling is healing AND healthy” (and not something you want to have them push down or feel guilty about)?

As a parent, do you sometimes find it hard to allow your child

to feel what they feel and have the experience they are having?


Do you ever make it mean something about you

and whether you’re “failing” or “succeeding” as a parent? Because you reaaaally want to “get it right”?

You don’t want to feel like you have to control or make your child feel or be a certain way.

But the truth is, your shame sometimes comes up and you feel embarrassed when your child is acting up or having a tantrum or huge emotional outburst, and your friend’s children are not doing the same.


Sometimes you feel like you’re failing at this whole parenting thing

even though your whole heart is in it and you love your child more than anything.

You don’t know what to do or how to find a better way to help your child, and oftentimes feel like a bad parent (even though you know you are doing your best).

You sometimes wish that parenting your child came with a “how-to” manual or guidebook…and want to “get it right”...but more than anything, you desire to feel like your family is doing things in the way that feels aligned to you, your family, and your values.



Yet you feel a bit stuck in the “how to get it right” vs the “this feels aligned for us” way of parenting and handling the tougher moments. Even so, you’re finding it hard to not be hard on yourself in those moments.

By the end of each day, you may find yourself feeling frustrated and a little helpless. 


You promised you wouldn’t yell or lose it even when your child is “losing it” and going from 0 - 10 again — but here you are: yelling AGAIN, feeling sad, uncertain, and defeated. 


You feel awful, guilty (mom and parent guilt, UGH!), and you no longer want to feel this way. 


The more this goes on, the more frustrated you and your child are at each other. And your family or partner too from not knowing WHAT TO DO or how to deal with their emotions

and your own in the most loving and aligned way.


It feels like A LOT!!! I hear you!

And you’re so beyond ready for a change. 


You're ready to...

Honour yours and your child’s big emotions and find new ways to better support them with these big emotions. To hear the need behind the tantrum or feelings. To feel more connected, more calm, and so much more ALIGNED and PLAYFUL, while connecting to, and co-regulating in, healthy loving (and dare I say PLAYFUL) ways!

You're ready to...

Have the support you need, and also be gentler, kinder, and more patient with yourself and your child in these moments, all the while building a better emotional regulation “toolbox” and baseline for yours, your child’s, and your family’s wellbeing, nervous systems, and happiness possibilities!


You're ready to...

LOVE and honour your highly sensitive child and help them have their needs met, and gain the developmentally-appropriate strategies to breathe through their feelings and frustrations so they don’t “lose it” (and so you don’t lose it anymore too)!!!

You're ready to...

Feel empowered, calm, peaceful, and resourced so you no longer feel helpless and unsure how to support your child. But instead, you know what to do while feeling better and so much more supported and connected. 

You're ready to...

Have your child feel like their true self and let their full-loving self shine through (beyond the tantrums and big emotions that are clouding who they really are). 

You're ready to...

Find your own “map” to parenting your sensitive child that feels ALIGNED for you so they can feel loved, connected to, and parented, without using strategies or tools that condition or make your child do something because they are forced, coerced, shamed, or manipulated into it. You truly are ready to parent in a way that feels aligned for you, your family, your values, and your FUN, and not because it’s how “you think you should be parenting”, or because it's "simply how it's done". 

You're ready to...

Find the aligned playful parenting strategies, tools, and communication tips that work with you and your family!

I know you.

You are a loving compassionate parent and would do anything to make sure your child has the support they need. 

You are proactive and feel like you may be trying everything you already know how to do. 


And you are are soooo ready for something new and something that really gets to the heart and the root of what you, your child, and your family need, while making it feel more FUN, lighthearted, and easy so you can connect and co-regulate rather than yell, get frustrated, and feel exhausted and guilty at the end of each day. 

If this is you - I invite you into the 12-week

self-led Playful and Aligned Digital Parenting Program. 

Or book a 30-minute call with Amanda to feel into if this
Digital Coaching Program is aligned for you.

It starts with you, but I am going to help you bring in a new baseline for you and your child.

All while aligning you with how you desire to feel and building your family’s toolbox of new, fun, resourceful ways to connect, communicate, regulate, PLAY, and find your words — knowing that play, presence, calm, and ease are here for you and your child every step of the way.