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Supporting Your Family As a Whole

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Register now for this FREE 2-hour workshop hosted by Amanda Evans and Jonathan & Alisha Baurer on how to support your sensitive and/or less sensitive child,

and family as a whole.

Wednesday, August 24th
10:30 am - 12:30 pm ET

Join the 2-hour workshop!!

In this free 2-hour workshop, come hear teachings, shares, and unique perspectives on supporting your family from three different speakers and guides: Amanda Evans and Jonathan & Alisha Baurer.













By the end of the call you will know how to:

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Better support your sensitive child (or understand them through a new lens).

Support your child who you may not see as "sensitive" or is less sensitive than another child within your home. Better hear and put yourself in their "shoes" & perspective. 


Navigate your different preferences, needs, desires, and ways of connecting and relating in order to experience more connection and have better communication and harmony in your homes.

Embrace your own sensitive nature as a parent or better understand your partner or child who doesn't experience life the same way as you.

Honour your family as a whole while knowing how to better support yourself and the other members in your family in the way each of you need: with better understanding and communication, and by embracing connection.

Sign up now!

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