Anything is Possible

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with the right support system.


I am here to help you and your family grow, LOVE and learn to connect,

communicate and PLAY...TOGETHER!


Mind Body Soul Miracles

is a safe space for families to heal together

through love, connection, and PLAY!

How can I support you?


This is a 6-month family play-based program to support families to reset, reconnect and allow for a shift in family dynamics and communication. This is an intensive supportive and connection-based experience for the whole family! Both parent and child will receive developmentally appropriate support/coaching so together, the family receives the healing they need and are worthy of to move forward in a happier, healthier and more cohesive way (with new habits, routines, tools, ways to feel/name and process emotions along the way!

Family Healing

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In these sessions, your child will play and create, allowing them to feel safe enough to connect , talk about “big feelings” and play through them. Your child will feel safe enough to feel, be and express who they really are!

Play-Based Healing

Love and Acceptance Coaching is a safe space for you to feel, so you can heal and find your FUN (and happy) again! This is an intuitively-guided 6-month program that empowers you and gives you choice and a safe space to be heard and held through your journey of parenthood (and personhood) with Amanda's guidance and support every step of the way!

Parent Coaching


Say Hello to...

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans is passionate about supporting children and families to be their happiest and healthiest selves! Her own healing journey taught her so much about the extraordinary healing powers of play, love, and connection. She is dedicated to helping people take their health and happiness into their own hands, believing in their own magic and the power to heal from within. 

Her work as a Kindergarten teacher (and recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser) taught her so much about how we need to be able to fill our own cups and feel safe, loved, accepted and connected in order to help children to do the same. She uses her teaching background, her experience supporting children with exceptionalities along with her own personal experience healing from a brain injury to help support others with invisible “disabilities” (or better yet...SUPERPOWERS!).

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Client Testimonials

-Maureen, Toronto, Ontario

Exceptional is the word I would use to describe my experience with Amanda. She is kind, compassionate and reassuring; my children know Amanda values their thoughts, words and feelings, and she is amazingly perceptive and caring to their needs. She observes and listens carefully to children, providing wise guidance on their mindset and has many tools that can help improve relations to make the family calmer and more in tune with each other..."


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