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One-on-one and Family  

Sessions & Programs

          Play Therapy

Child-Led Play Therapy

During these sessions, your child will have the opportunity to talk about any feelings that are coming up for them and also be able to play their way through their “problems”. Often children find it easier to express what they are feeling through play which then gives them the ability to communicate how they are feeling and also what they need. Play and creating gives them the chance to feel safe enough to feel the big feelings, name them and move through them with love, acceptance and connection. The idea of "joining” into their world also allows them to feel safe enough in the world to communicate and connect with others, something that isn’t always easy for sensitive children who are in tune with the energies around them. Play is a beautiful way for them to feel safe enough in their environment, activate their parasympathetic nervous system to heal, taking them from a state of "fight or flight" to "stay and play". Think of a time when you were so engaged with what you were doing and so happy that you forgot about time or anything else? This feeling is what allows our bodies to heal because our focus is no longer on what we don’t have or don’t want and instead is focused on what we do. In these sessions, your child may spend time dancing, singing, playing with toys, doing yoga, meditating, drawing/colouring/creating, reading, journaling or simply visualizing what they love to do. The focus is on letting the children lead and doing what makes them so happy that whatever is in need of healing happens, while allowing the child to learn and grow in a way that feels FUN!

Family Sessions and Programs

5 Day Neuroplasticity Nanny

This is a 5 day reset, relax and reconnect (hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on) type of experience for the whole family! This way, every person in the family gets the support and healing they need and are worthy of. This allows for the whole family to learn new tools together to be able to move forward in a happier and healthier way!


  • Are you looking for more connection, compassion and open loving communication within your family?

  • Do you dream of living in a home where you are seen, heard and understood? 

  • Do you dream of living in a happy harmonious family where it feels safe to be all that you are?

  • Do you and/or your child experience health challenges that could benefit from a different approach to healing?

  • Do you feel like you could use more support in your home to create a change that will last beyond the five days?

If you answered yes to any of the above...could you benefit from some in-person help to reset, recharge and find a happier, healthier and more harmonious way forward?


Could you use your own personal Mary Poppins in your home??? (With an added healing bonus!?) 


Neuroplasticity nanny 5-day experience is just what you need!

This intuitively guided program is tailored to your family’s current needs/desires, integrating new tools, habits, and supports that will help you most!


This program consists of:
  • Coaching and Energy Healing sessions for each parent within the family.

  • Play therapy sessions for your child(ren).

  • Combined play therapy and healing sessions for the whole family integrating the new tools that you have learned. 


This will allow for more clear and consistent communication within the family and a safe space to talk about, name and feel any feelings that arise with unconditional love and deep listening. Your family will feel deeply supported, allowing for more presence, connection and time for YOU! This means more playtime for your child while you have time to play too (YAHOO!)

One-on-One Coaching Programs

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Love and Acceptance Coaching: 3 Month Program

During this 3 month coaching, you will have a safe space to "make friends with your feelings", listen to your own "inner guidance" while having some guidance along the way too. Each session is intuitively guided to support you where you are at and guide you to "where you want to be".


More so, we work with how you are currently "feeling" and guide you to how you truly want to FEEL! Each session is guided by you, what your heart truly desires and may involve talk therapy, play therapy, channeled meditations and visualizations.


This coaching supports you to move through whatever fears you are facing with more love, compassion and connection. We are also really allowing your subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and inner child to be seen, heard and accepted so you can move beyond what was (and is) to creating a new reality that you are CHOOSING now. All feelings, fears and parts of you are WELCOME. You are invited to be the true you - embodying your wholeness and find that same love within that you so freely give to others!


For more information and to find out if this coaching is the "right fit" for you, book in your connection session or check out "Love and Acceptance Coaching" for more details!

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