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Playful Parenting Bundle: Supporting Your Sensitive Child


This three-week program is designed to support you and your sensitive child to find your PLAY and CALM in everyday parenting moments. 


This bundle will help both you and your child learn how to move through challenging moments, tantrums, and conflicts so you can access greater calm, connection, and nervous system regulation.

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This bundle is for you if:

You have a child who is highly sensitive, easily picks up on others emotions, is a big feeler, and may need some support to feel their best, get grounded, and enjoy connection!

Your child doesn’t always feel safe in their body, relationships, connections, or environment. You are ready to find the ways and tools to help them connect while feeling safer in their own body, self, and emotions.


You find yourself feeling triggered by your emotional, empathic, and sensitive child because you don’t always feel confident or calm enough to support them (and you really just want to know how to help guide them in their challenging moments, messy emotions, or tantrums.)

You’re not sure what is going on under the surface for your child who feels emotions deeply and you deeply desire to learn how to better support their needs and big feelings.

You love your child deeply and want some more tools and guidance on how to help them find their words, connect with their body, their needs, and learn to healthily express their emotions.


You’re ready to get some help when it comes to your sensitive child and know you don’t know ALL THE THINGS (but are open to hearing some new ways to help them feel seen and supported!)

This bundle will support you to feel more confident as a parent to know exactly how to handle these moments in ways that bring you closer together. 


Get ready to learn and PLAY so your family can more easily find your words, connect, and communicate. YAY! :)

Buy the bundle!

We have two options:

$222 CAD

3 payments of $74 CAD

When you join the Supporting Your Sensitive Child Bundle, you will gain access to the three weeks of teaching videos that will guide you to learn the following:


Week 1: PLAY and The Nervous System

For those parent-child head-butting or triggering moments where you both need to find your calm and be able to connect and communicate you can leave the "fight or flight" window, find your calm & choose how you show up for your child in those moments with greater safety within.


Week 2: Family Communication Basics 

A 3-step system and some teachable stories to help guide you through tantrums to help your family better find your words. This will help your family to improve communication, and learn how to hold space for one another and be better at expressing emotions, needs, wants & desires in happier and healthier ways. 


Week 3: Supporting Your Sensitive Child

 All the tools you need to support your sensitive child to process and express their emotions and learn to ground themselves, honour their energy and find safety within and with others! These tips & tools will help your child feel safe, seen & confident being who they are (sensitive superpowers & areas of growth/challenge included!)

Bonus! Private Slack Group for community members

Stay connected and get support from Amanda and connect with other parents in our private Slack group where you can share your questions, receive support, and celebrate your wins!

Buy the bundle!

$222 CAD

3 payments of $74 CAD

What Amanda's clients have to share

Before I took the Supporting Your Sensitive Child Bundle, I was struggling with how to handle my child's big emotions and regulate my nervous system. Since taking this program, I feel much more calm and accepting of what my kids are feeling. I loved the examples that Amanda gave in the videos. The one about the temper tantrum resonated sooo much. It allowed me to give myself grace and know other parents experience what I do. I would definitely recommend this Bundle to parents! I feel like it was incredibly valuable for all parents.

-Laura Lorentz

"I have noticed much more space for emotions in our family. We are talking more about the emotions that we witness in each other. Amazingly, when we name the emotion, I can see an instant shift. The emotion is still present but less overwhelming. I see we are all taking more ownership for how we feel when the emotion is identified and that allows us to then honour the emotion and then take care what we need. I really have begun to trust that all emotions are safe and valued! Amanda helped me to believe that all emotions are welcome."

— Naledi S


"I needed help talking & working out my feelings. Amanda helped me to figure out my problems and say my feelings to my friends and family. What I found most helpful with Amanda was playing, sometimes sharing, and expressing my feelings. I learned to not think about what other people feel and just tell my feelings to them. I think this happened because I got to use my stuffed animals to work it out, practice first before I told the person.I would recommend Amanda to everyone. She's very good. Amanda's best qualities and strengths are speaking and telling her feelings & stories. Her braveness, smartness & everything. I loved Amanda. I loved being able to share my feelings, play (A LOT) and that I could tell her anything."

— Lily, Age 8


"You helped me to transform into the mother and person I wanted to be — while supporting me to receive love and support in the real and vulnerable. My child’s meltdowns started to get less intense and frequent. I started to really see her and it was wonderful."

— Kayli C.

Laura's Experience in the Program:

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"I feel much more calm and accepting of what my kids are feeling. I loved the examples that Amanda gave in the videos. The one about the temper tantrum resonated sooo much. It allowed me to give myself grace and know other parents experience what I do." 

laura lorentz, mom, Soul-led entrepreneur, energy weaver & activator