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The Parent Playdate


Join Parent Playdate Group Coaching Program!


What is the Parent Playdate Program all about!?

This 12-week group coaching program with your guide, Coach + Play-Based Healer Amanda Evans is a safe space to let you:

Finally FIND YOUR FUN AGAIN in Parenting (even in this Pandemic) and have a greater capacity to hold for your family by putting your needs, your wants, AND YOUR JOY FIRST!

Have a place to ask questions, be REAL, get vulnerable, be supported, find connection, receive coaching and finally feel HEARD (even in the HARD stuff)!

Feel more equipped and resourced to support your child (even in a BIG TANTRUM). Do the "inside-out" conscious parenting approach by learning to be and model the support your kids are asking for. You will learn to feel your emotions fully and make friends with those BIG FEELINGS *yours, your children’s, your partner’s and any other feelings that have been taking up space in that beautiful body and family of yours! (Find a safe space to move through them in a fun, supportive, caring, compassionate space where you feel safe to be YOU!) 

Join other parents in their joy, in their sadness, in their empowered “we can do this” and no longer get together to ONLY complain or b**** about things — but instead come together to say what you need to say, ask those questions you fear you aren’t *allowed* to ask or say the things you never thought would be allowed as a parent (so you can break through, break free of whatever is weighing you down in parenting and have the life you actually WANT.  You get to prioritize finding the FUN again, your FUN, your joy, and share it with a group of parents who really SEE YOU, GET YOU and WANT to be in this journey with you!)

Have a tribe again and know that your village gets to be fun, considerate, compassionate and also desire more PLAY instead of PAIN, HARD and “complain”!

The 12-week Parent Playdate Group Coaching Program Includes:

Coaching Calls


12 weekly online group coaching calls with Q&A so that parents can be coached by Amanda in a one-on-one kind of way (where the group gets to receive the learning/love of the question asked and support given).


1 group coaching zoom call per week + follow-up take-aways & PLAY tasks to Integrate (and share/connect on the Facebook Group).


Mondays 10-11:30 EST

September 20, September 27, October 4, October 18, October 25,
November 1, November 8, November 15, November 22, November 29,

December 6, December 13. 


(Calls will be recorded and available afterwards on the Facebook group for watching the replay if a session is missed LIVE)

Community & Connection

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Access to the Parent Playdate Facebook Group to answer questions, share WINS/AHA moments and awareness from the group calls (& post the take-aways + PLAY actions!)


What you'll learn over the 12-weeks

Warm Welcome, Get to Know Each Other + Setting Up Our Safe Container

Week 1

  • Compassion + forgiveness. 

  • Letting go of the “blah” we’ve been in. 

  • Setting Intentions and starting NEW!

Moving Forward and Letting Go Of:

Week 2

  • ”Mom GUILT”, not enoughness syndrome and TOO MUCH STRESS! 

  • Feel the feelings, rewrite + reframe from here on out. 

  • TRUST you are doing it and are getting more support. 

  • Creating your “present moment parent “mantra”.

Emotional RELEASE (tools + techniques to release and honour your own emotions which will be a guide for how to support your child(ren).)

Week 3

  • The difference between “Feelings” and “Emotions” and being a loving interruption.

  • Temper Tantrum Technique + “Rage on the Page”. 

  • Emotional release writing and MORE. 

ANGER, Tantrums and How to Allow It!

Week 4

  • Reconnecting with Anger: its purpose and what it serves and allows for. 

  • Anger Release, Riding the Wave, allowing for the emotion fully. 

  • Revisit Temper Tantrum Technique + letting FUN/soothing complete the emotion. 

Emotional Release with Children  (Continued) - About your Kids
This Time. 

Week 5

  • How to take what you have learned to connect with your child and what they want/need and how to model and support them with their own emotions. 

“The Stay + Play Method”

Week 6

  • The Brain/Nervous System and PLAY

  • And why both “making friends with emotions and tapping into joy/play” are part of the full equation for supporting self + your children. 

  • Commit to doing 20 minutes of “non-structured activities/play per day”.

Compassionate Communication (Non-Violent Communication)

Week 7

  • How to speak and hear “wants, needs and desires”. 

  • How to listen without creating more triggers and instead creating more CONNECTION. 

What your child is calling forward
in YOU! 

Week 8

  • The Conscious parenting Approach and creating wholeness within by learning from our kids. 

  • What they teach us and are calling forward within us and the FAMILY. 


Inner child FUN/Memory Making + MUSIC!!!

Week 9


Visualizations + DREAMING

Week 10


“Grown-Up Show & Share” (Favourite things like the Sound of Music Style)

Week 11

Week 12

Final Session: Wrap-Ups & Check-ins (Re-reading your initial intentions)

  • Setting yourself up for continued support, success and FEELING YOUR BEST! 

Why sign up for this FUN 12-week program?


a) Why not!??!?! 

b) Because you deserve it. You deserve to finally feel like YOU again. To not just add more to the mental load, the “to-do list” and that big old laundry list of things that are more important than YOU.


Because you need a safe space to not hold it all in anymore or hold everyone and not be held. You deserve to be seen, be heard, be acknowledged and to have a new nervous system, a new sense of compassion for you, a new sense of living instead of surviving, and playing istead of staying in your stress.


Because DUH, why would you not want to have a fun parent playdate (to play in the way parents do...with that same joyfulness your kids do in their free time!)

Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 13.43.59.png

Who is this 12-week program for?
And who is it NOT for?)

This program IS for...

Conscious parents who want to shift the way they relate to themselves and/or their child(ren). Who are sick of stress, not feeling their best, making themselves last on the list & are ready to get time for themselves and acknowledge who they are and what they really want! (and finally, have a space to have it). 

Parents who desire change, who are willing to show up, get uncomfortable to be happier than ever, parents who are willing to be seen, get vulnerable, share & care. 

Parents who have someone in their life that they want to model: how to honour their emotions, big feelings, and sensitivity to. Parents who care about being their best self so they can let their children be who they came to be too (without making self-development HARD, really traumatic, and not something that also gets to be FUN FUN FUN!) 

People who want to get un-stuck, who want community, friendship, and more play in their parenting journey. People who are unsure how to feel like themselves again but are willing to go all-in on their growth to make the most of this thing called LIFE (and this thing called parenting) so they can find their joy again and share it with the kiddos and people they love most. 

This program is NOT for...

People who just want a space to judge, to complain, and not take responsibility to shift their life, show up for their growth/their PLAY, or don’t want to connect with others or themselves on a deeper (and also lighter "funner") level. People who just want to find a space to not make the changes and say “this is so hard and I hate this”. 

That’s pretty much it. If you don’t actually want to change/grow or honour your joy but just want to complain and compare — we don’t want you there. Because we love the group too much to let there be someone who doesn’t want to grow together and share their heart, their voice, their silliness, their listening, their truth, their time, and their love with the rest of the crew! 

So let it be YOU who gets to come home to who you are, have a greater sense of wholeness and safety with the emotions in yourself/ your family — and make time for PLAY! 

Why Amanda?


Amanda Evans is a playful love leader who enjoys spending time connecting with other parents, holding a very safe & compassionate space for their big feelings, emotions and most of all their deepest desires and BIGGEST DREAMS!

Amanda knows the “journey” well of rediscovering who you are after feeling lost, stuck, alone and not knowing where to go from that space (which often calls for a journey inwards, finding connection, compassion and always finding FUN and what lights you up again). She is a Coach (Certified Elementum Master Coach In-Training), Play-Based Healer and Certified Ontario Teacher who has a passion and expertise for supporting children with exceptionalities. In her work as a Parent Coach and Play-Based Healer, she works with sensitive children and parents to “make friends with their feelings”, feel safe to be who they are and better communicate, connect and find their joy again. Amanda loves to support families as a whole and her approach is always whole-person focused and on holding space for what’s possible, while also holding space for what may be in the way (letting connection, joy and play guide that new way forward!) 


For more information about Amanda, head to the About Me page. 


What clients have to share after working with Amanda


"I can’t really put into words how meeting Amanda has changed me. She is truly inspirational and her positivity, enthusiasm, and kindness are contagious. Amanda has really helped me to see things differently and accept what is and what could be. I will be forever grateful for her. I met Amanda during one of the most difficult periods of my life. At the time, Amanda was brought into work with my youngest son. However, it became apparent that I was in desperate need of coaching, self-love and healing. I was feeling alone, uncertain, vulnerable, and not able to see my own worth. I wasn’t sure how I could ever rise above it at all or see a way through. Amanda helped me see that I was worthy of putting myself first after a long time of putting others well-being before my own.
After working with Amanda, I was able to focus on myself and believe in myself. This gave me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could do and it changed my approach and way of thinking. I was able to find a job after not working for a long time because of the “I can” belief instilled in me by Amanda really teaching me that everything is possible and nothing is impossible! I was doing stuff that I normally would not do because of all the talks we had together and how Amanda taught me to approach and see things. She helped me to see that when I put myself first, this has a positive effect on the whole family (like an upward spiral or “ripple effect”). I can see that if I’m not in a good place, that affects everybody. If I am not in a good place mentally and physically, then I can’t help the rest of my family. I have learned to apply this in different areas of my life and learned coping strategies to deal with any “symptoms”, emotional challenges (outbursts) or difficulties my child is experiencing. I can see how supporting myself in those moments also supports him.”

~ Soofia, Oakville, ON


“After having a session with Amanda, I took immediate steps to pause before dismissing my children’s emotions. Amanda shared that she observed some anger in my middle child. I knew exactly what she was describing. Hearing someone outside of our family identify and recognize this made me prioritize his needs and attempt to identify the source of anger. Sometimes we just need someone who we can trust to point it out. 

I would absolutely recommend Amanda to others. She has the incredible ability to make you feel safe which in turn allows you to be honest and vulnerable. Amanda’s strength is her kindness. Her kindness can be felt even on a zoom screen. Amanda is patient and compassionate. I think the biggest quality Amanda possesses is that you never feel like she is judging you. Amanda is an exceptional human being."

~ Liz Gulledge, Collingwood, ON


“My experience working with Amanda was completely transformative and one of the most profound experiences of my life. When I met Amanda I was suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, and PCOS. Despite my committed efforts to a wide gamut of healing protocols from both western and alternative doctors, I could not get healthy. 


In working with Amanda, my health transformed and I underwent a paradigm shift in self-perception and thus my perception of life beyond myself. In each session, I felt the weight of my symptoms evaporate and a growing sense of power to heal from within. To speak of my transformation is to speak of the way it feels to be alive. My life and vision for my future is limitless, unbounded, broken open, and expanding. My symptoms of fatigue are significantly less, my hormones are easily balanced, I eat for pleasure, and I am simply happy. I'm working full-time for the first time in my life. At the end of the week, I feel energized and excited for the weekend. I spend long hours in the art studio; a practice I had abandoned in my sickness. I am more connected with friends and family. I feel true self-love.

In the big picture of health care, I believe there is nothing greater that one can receive than the ability to heal from within, and the empowerment that comes from the process of realizing this power. Thriving health is available to everyone Amanda works with. Amanda's coaching creates immediate and potent changes in health.


Amanda is warm, kind, loving, and non-judgmental. Her presence in our sessions was full of light and positivity. She is intuitive and perceptive of other people's needs. These qualities combined with her deep understanding of neuroplasticity made for effortless and powerful sessions. From our first meeting, I felt safe to be vulnerable with Amanda. When she listens, I feel like she is really hearing me and when she speaks, I feel renewed focus and confidence.

Another one of Amanda's strengths is her ability to reflect her clients' progress. Given the non-linear path of recovery, this was totally critical in my journey. At the times when I lost sight of my trajectory, Amanda celebrated my hard work and my a sense stepping into the role of a higher self when I was struggling to occupy that level of mind. This catalyzed my healing and shortened my lapses of self. This speaks to Amanda's dedication and true caring for her clients.”

 ~ Anne, Port Townsend, Washington

"Since working with Amanda, I feel much more aware and accepting of both my thoughts and emotions — and better understand their connection. I now have tools to use when the going gets tough which has been a positive thing for both me and my family. Generally, I feel calmer and things feel easier than they did before our work together

(because of the shifts within myself).

What was most supportive was Amanda’s ability to connect the dots within our family — see where the patterns were and how we can help each other by helping ourselves. My most amazing shift has been releasing the control I was (unknowingly) trying to have over everything and everyone. I now have new awareness and thinking about/seeing things differently thanks to Amanda’s coaching.

I would 100% recommend Amanda to others because she has a unique gift and is just a really wonderful person to get to spend an hour with each week. Amanda has a unique and super effective way of ‘getting at’ the blocks and subconscious thoughts that are holding us back, and helping to move through them with love and acceptance."


~ Janet, Collingwood, Ontario

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Anything is possible with the right support system...and a whole lot of FUN!

When we aren't quite sure what to do...and take time to pause, PLAY & find our FUN — there is always a way through!
-Amanda Evans
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