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5 Books 📚 to Teach Your Child About Feelings & Emotions 💖

Hi there! I hope this blog finds you and your sweet kiddo enjoying a loving day!

I hope this blog post helps you feel seen in those big-feeling moments or those days where you or your child may be feeling all the feels and aren’t always sure how to navigate them.

Those times you and your child may be feeling some big emotions and you might not always know what to do, what to say, or what to share with them.

I had a moment chatting with a sweet mom the other day.

She wanted to know what books I would recommend so she could help her child better understand his feelings and emotions.

Knowing the value that so many books have brought me and the children I work with, I wanted to share some of them here, so you can have these books in your back pocket too.

Sometimes in life, we don’t always have the words. But we can pause, open up a book, and let the books do the teaching. Books help to share the messages we need without you as a parent always needing to be the teacher, always having to have the answers yourself, or be the one constantly giving. Books give you a break and they help break down the harder things in life so we can find understanding together.

So in those moments, you can simply:

  1. Pick up a book (one of my recommendations below)

  2. Open the book and start to read (or listen) together

  3. Open your hearts to the messages inside and share about what you learn together 😊

I also know sometimes it’s nice to have someone read to you. So the books I chose are ones I have shared on my Instagram storytimes.

Feel free to purchase the ones that speak to you and click on the videos if you and your kiddo need to pause, press play + listen as I read to you! 💖💖

Enjoy my book recommendations! Love,


The first book is called:

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

by Jo Witek

I still remember the day I found this book in the store. I didn’t go out shopping with the intention to buy something, but the book stole my heart.

It actually has a GIANT HEART on the front of the book, and as you read through, it shares about all the different emotions and how your heart feels when you experience each emotion. It’s sweet and has great pictures while also sharing the full spectrum of what we can feel — knowing all emotions are safe and welcome!

Buy the book here and click here to watch me read the story.

The second book on my list is:

Listening to My Body

by Gabi Garcia

This book is so wonderful at explaining how our bodies communicate with us through “sensations”. The author shares how our bodies are our friends and they tell us a lot!

Gabi Garcia shares that her book is a “guide to helping kids understand the connection between sensations and feelings so they can better figure out what they need”.

Buy the book here and watch me read the book here.

The third book is called:

The Way I Feel

by Janan Cain

This sweet book shows lots of different emotions and when you might be feeling them!

“This book is designed to give children the language for their emotions,” shares the author Janan Cain. She goes on to say, “My hope is that with language, children will be better equipped to understand and express their feelings”.

The book takes you on a journey all the way through the different emotions; from silly to scared, disappointed to happy, sad to angry, and even all the way to jealous, proud, excited, and thankful!

The author so beautifully shares in her book:

“Feelings come and feelings go. I never know what they’ll be.

Silly or angry, happy or sad — they’re all a part of me!”

Buy the book here.

The fourth recommendation is:

What’s Your Spaghetti? A Children’s Guide to Self-Regulation

by Leah Dilley

I love this one! It’s fun because it gets the body involved. It helps your child start to understand the way their body can feel sometimes through the metaphor of spaghetti.

This book teaches self-regulation and how to deal with stress through fun, interactive exercises and ways to be with your body when stress comes up.

Buy the book here.

To watch me be silly and read this book, click here.

The last book is about sadness. It is so loving to treat your sadness like a friend.

This book is called:

When Sadness Is At Your Door

by Eva Eland

Eva Eland beautifully shares about the emotion of sadness and how it can feel. Click here to buy When Sadness Is At Your Door. You can also read along with me by watching my Instagram storytime video here.

Also, feel free to check out Eva Eland’s other book, Where Happiness Begins.


Just kidding…I have one more (just for FUN!)

I like a good BONUS, so I am leaving you with one more story!

That’s because breathing and meditation can be such helpful tools to move through big emotions. This is one of my personal favourite books to teach children to breathe through different emotions when they are present.

Breathe With Me: Using Breath to Feel Calm, Strong, and Happy

by Mariam Gates

I know many kiddos have loved this one, especially “the rainbow breath”. You’ll have to read it to know what I'm talking about 🌈

Buy the book here.

Click here to listen to me read it to you.

And because I am here to help...

I’d love to share how you can learn even more tools to support your sensitive kiddo when they have big emotions, tantrums, or you’re not feeling as resourced as you’d like.

Click here to find out all about The Supporting Your Sensitive Child Bundle.

This is a three-week digital course designed to support you and your sensitive child to find your PLAY and CALM in everyday parenting moments. This program will help both you and your child learn how to move through challenging or triggering moments, tantrums, and conflicts so you can access greater calm, connection, and nervous-system regulation. It will help you have the tools and calm to best support your child and know what they need in those moments when you aren’t quite sure. It’s like the way a book helps you — but with me teaching you and telling you tools and stories right on your laptop! You’re gonna wanna join! 🌈 💖

Buy the Supporting Your Sensitive Child Bundle here!

I’d love to know which books you listen to or read together with your kiddo!

Comment below and share which ones you loved and why!

Thinking of you and wishing you many more storytimes together! With love and gratitude,

Amanda xo

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