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Do you want to feel like a calm, present, playful mom? I got you! ✨

There is something special I have poured my heart, my time, and my own learnings and tools into for the past seven months. It’s me 🤣

Well, that is pretty true. I’ve actually had a lot of shifts happen while birthing a new parent program.

Because, as I do with all my business creations, I start with me. The guinea pig of all transformational coaching offerings 🤣

So I'ma let you in on a secret: this new program is pretty freaking epic!

And since taking it myself, I’ve felt calmer in my nervous system, increased my capacity for true connection, found a lot of JOY in family moments, and have really just been more present than ever. More present, connected, and happy...while feeling more aligned.

I created this program to help you and your sensitive kiddos. You know, your big feeler, big-hearted empathic, highly sensitive child who feels a lot, and may have outbursts, tantrums, and 0-10 mood-swing moments. They leave you feeling like, although you KNOW you are doing your best, you still don’t always know how to be there for them, what's the 'right thing' to do, or how to be there for you and them all at the same time.

Truthfully, this program is for all parents. It’s the program I wish all parents had. The one that helps you as a parent to feel safer in your own body, happier, more present, calmer, and more able to connect, communicate, and co-regulate. So you can be the parent you want to be but also who your child needs you to be. So you can better understand them, love them, support them, and know how to be there for them, without your 'stuff' getting in the way or you feeling so darn triggered, or uncertain when it comes to parenting a child with big feeeels.

Because the tools and compassion in this program help all of this. And the program is designed to support massive shifts so that parenting can feel easier, more loving, more connected, and happier. It also supports your desire for conscious parenting, healing, feeling, and going deep, and makes parenting FUN! It prioritizes play, family memories, and cultivating joy just as much as learning how to be there for the big emotions and tougher moments.

It’s the program that actually helps and shows you what to do in those 'OMG, not another tantrum or big feeling — what on earth do I do?!' moments where you feel a bit like a kid in class stumped on another math problem (cue the mama feeeels below!).

It's a program that will be there with you in all your mom moments: the wins, the epic fails, the sadness, the guilt, the 'What should we do?!' moments, the madness, the helplessness, and the 'WOOHOO look at us go! ✨ WE REALLY GOT THIS!!' moments.

I saw this reel from Schitt’s Creek this week, and it made me laugh because it’s like those parenting moments where you’re not sure how to do something because nobody was ever able to show you, be there for you in that way, or model it for you. So where you’re at is there — needing to help your child but kind of like David screaming, 'BUT LIKE…HOW DO I ACTUALLY DO THAT?!'

Like, if nobody taught your parents how to feel their own emotions all the way through or how to actually BE a safe space and hold space for your emotions as a kid…then how could you know how to do that as a parent?

It is a bit like the mom in Schitt’s creek, perplexed, saying to David, 'YOU JUST FOLD IT IN!' 🤷

But instead of folding in the cheese, it’s 'How do I help my child or myself in these moments?' 🤷 Without the right tools and support, you just might end up feeling a bit like David above! Frustrated and raising your voice (not something aligned with the parent you wanna be).

The Playful & Aligned Parent Program is the answer to those questions, and it models, teaches, and shares the 'how'. So instead of feeling confused, you feel empowered in those moments and know what to do.

You instead have the videos, teachings, and tools to actually release and hold space for the big emotions, anger, or sadness your child is feeling. And someone supporting you and cheering you on in each weekly video! Guiding you and your little one(s)!

So those moments that used to bring up 'mom guilt' or made you feel like a failure no longer leave you feeling that way…and because of the tools, teachings, and modules, you will no longer make it mean something about you or whether you are failing or succeeding as a parent. You will instead learn how to calm yourself, regulate your own emotions, and shift the baseline of your nervous system so you can be truly present and playful, and 'really be there' in all the moments.

As the mom YOU want to be.

Without the triggers and instead with the 'I can do this' truth that comes from a whole new way of being, feeling, and healing through play while still getting to the root of the challenges in your parent-child relationship and what comes along with parenting a highly sensitive child.

You will get access to the tools and videos so you can be there for your own emotions and your child’s in the ways that honour you and them (developmentally, emotionally, and energetically). And a plan to create a whole new paradigm and belief system around how parenting gets to be!

If you resonate with this and are sitting here wondering how you can feel like a calm mom, a playful mom, and a happier mom.

The Self-Led Playful & Aligned Parent Program is a 12-week digital coaching program.

When you join, you get access to:

  • 12 weekly modules with 50-90+ minutes of video content per week plus downloadable resource booklets.

  • 2 BONUS 60-minute one-on-one private coaching sessions with me to integrate and receive direct guidance and support for your family.

  • 1 bonus breathwork live group event.

  • A community platform to integrate and share 'weekly wins and shifts'.

The investment is a one-time payment of $1500 CAD or 3 monthly payments of $555 CAD.

Have a question and wanna chat to see if this program is the right fit for you and your family?

Simply book a complimentary 30-minute connection call and we can support you in making the best choice for you!

I'm looking forward to all the parents who jump in and give themselves the gift of this ongoing support! (P.S. It's kinda like having your own Master Coach and personal Mary Poppins on your you can press 'PLAY' whenever you want that boost or daily reminder!)

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