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Are you in need of a little MAGIC...✨🦄

(Do you believe in *magic* in a young girl's heart...) Now that I've got you singing...what does this word mean to YOU?

What does that word bring up for you??? "Silly, magic isn't real!" and "magic is something you believe in when you're a kid!" But then we grow up and get reaaaaaal.(and real I right?) (Is this you????? It's okay if it is!)  But really, this is when we sometimes need the MAGIC the most. The times where everything feels hard, like something you want feels SOOOOO out of reach or like no matter how hard you are working at trying to “make something happen” or shift an area of your life…you feel STUCK.

Like sticky stuck in the mud kind of stuck. These are the moments when we can call on the magic… I am a big believer in the *magic* and life is so much better when we decide to stop choosing fear and instead leap into the land of "MAKE-BELIEVE" (and love, faith and trust!)...ever notice what you believe is what you receive! "I have to do everything myself", "nobody ever supports me" turns into ...doing everything yourself and supporting everybody but not receiving that support. What would it feel like to be supported? How can you start your day by telling yourself a new story and remembering how good it feels to feel that way, knowing there are people (and creative spiritual solutions/support) there for us when we believe and ask to receive?! Wouldn't "make-believe"...mean "I can make things happen by wholeheartedly believing in the reality of it! This is the MAGIC of visualization, of believing in something even when you can't "see it"? When we can “pretend” in the now while believing that this will help things come to be…the magic allows for things to happen to support our big dream (our current “pretend” or visualization). This is the beauty of holding a clear intention with a big feeling (like love, joy, gratitude). When we live in this feeling while holding a vision of something we REALLY want - we are offered support (as if by “magic”) to guide us on our way! This can come in many ways: -Hearing your inner guidance (or your intuition). -Running into that loving person in the moment you needed it most who offered a "hug" and words of encouragement. -Hearing the exact words, wisdom or advice you needed to hear. -Allowing yourself to be guided to the right next best step for you so you can feel better and remember your truth. -Finding someone who can help support you, like a mentor, coach or a friend who has been where you are going. -Reading the exact thing you needed to hear or meeting someone who inspires you to keep going and know that you are never alone...and are always supported. -Some incredible synchronicity, sign or support that you can't even explain!  Can you think of a time this was true for YOU? When you had a vision or a dream and it felt next to impossible, but you kept believing…and there was help, guidance, supports (and synchronicities) along the way?

Rather than that first question of doubt, of "magic is nonsense" you think you could shift your perception? Can you wholeheartedly believe in the *magic*, the miraculous and the little happy moments that the things you never thought possible happen to be!? (when you believe, you create that possibility!) I love how the children in us always believe in the magic and there's no need to stop believing because our beliefs create our reality. So if we believe in the magic, the miracles and the synchronicities...they happen all the time!!! And life gets to be FUN, magical and you know that when there is a challenge, you ask for help, shift your belief or find the next best “feeling” or thought that feels slightly better than the one you’re feeling…until you are able to come back to the belief and remember that "magic is in fact REAL". I can think of so many examples of the magic in my own life, but was so beautifully reminded as I sat in my room in meditation last Friday. I was visualizing and really just "receiving": insight, guidance, wisdom and truly connecting to what my heart wants. As I open my eyes, I noticed this THING on my didn't feel like a coincidence. It appeared at the exact time I was thinking of (more like feeling into) my own dreams. And then I went to see what it was....AND it was a LADYBUG!!!!!!

"The ladybug spirit animal has always been a symbol of good luck. If you have a wish that you would like to come true, the ladybug symbolism is an indication that your wish will be granted very soon!

When you chance upon a ladybug, make a wish and watch it fly away and make your wish come true. Magic is everywhere, and you can be certain that the universe is cooking up something wonderful for you whenever the ladybug appears.”

PS. As I am writing this…the lady bug is no longer in sight (it flew away! 😉)


It is an indication that your plans and goals will be blessed, and that they will grow into something beautiful and reward you with so much more than you expected.

The ladybug spirit animal also represents your childlike nature and playful spirit.


You delight in many things, and you make sure to have a good time whatever it is you’re doing and whoever it is you’re with.

“In a spiritual sense, the ladybug symbolism is about spiritual devotion.”

It represents the path that will lead you to find your life’s happiness by asking you about the things that fill your heart with joy and satisfaction.

The ladybug meaning in your life encourages you to find your true happiness and do everything to grant your heart’s biggest desires.

Let all that you do be fueled by love and joy, because this is what the ladybug symbolism is all about.

The black dots on the ladybug’s sheath reminds you to be grateful for both the little and big things.

What signs are coming up for you lately? And if you closed your eyes, and ask to receive a sign that you are on the right path…WHAT WOULD YOUR SIGN BE?

*Don’t think! Let it come to you!

(There’s meaning behind it)

The FUN part is stepping back and letting the Universe show you that you are supported.

Sometimes the thing about picking a sign is making life a little more fun, to notice the ways the Universe is putting the signs in front of you, to give you that sense of hope and realize that magic is everywhere. You might be in a moment where you could use a reminder that you are supported, guided and "CAN DO THIS" and BAM!

This is the moment your sign appears. You smile, you feel "alive" and deeply connected. It wakes you up in the moment, it wakes you up to the MAGIC! 

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