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"Let it go, let it go..." ❄️

...Can't hold it back anymore!

Also: the power of NO!

What could you start saying NO to so you can say YES to what you really want :)

And a little bit about what you NEED to thrive and meet those needs so you have the space and energy to get those "wants" met too!

I imagine you have heard this song...and these lyrics. But have you really listened? Do you ever have that moment where you hear a song you have heard again and again but it suddenly has a new meaning? 

So let's listen. Can you see "you" in this too? Or can you remember a time you "felt" like Elsa, having this power that you didn't fully understand, that you couldn't quite "control", that made you feel a little "different", perhaps hide it in shame or not let yourself experience joy because of it? (like not going somewhere because you are "afraid" you may feel bad if you do?) 

Just like Elsa and her own superpower, we all have ours. This message is a little bit about how we, too, have our superpowers. They may not be turning things into ice...but they are just as powerful.

And like Elsa needed to learn to navigate her powers, so do we. And as empaths, this is just like that. It's a gift, that hasn't always been nurtured, understood or celebrated.

Let's change that story.

Let's LET GO of seeing it as a BAD thing and embrace it fully, embodied in mind, body, heart and soul so we can let it SHINE (while letting go of that shame!)

But before we do, really take it in! (and take in this new embodied state of BEING in...because who doesn't want to feel like Elsa at the end ready to fully be in this power in a new, healthy, proud, loving and "grounded" way!)

Let's really take a look at these 👇 lyrics and find our own meaning in them!

"Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good girl you always have to be.

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them knoooooow!

(ie. Were you ever told: "you're too sensitive" and stopped letting this side of you be seen? Also, how would it feel to let someone in, to not need to hold it in and show up as "brave", in your emotions, and not make yourself seem "perfect"/and having it all together...but instead as someone who feels the range of your emotions, is safe in in yourself and completely embodied in your fluidity?)

LET IT GO LET IT GO can’t hold it back anymore!

Your soul is ready to grow, you're no longer okay with living with the illusions or ways of being that used to be okay for you. It's time to "let them goooooooo". 

But sometimes we hold on for "fear" of what will happen and "safety in what is known".

(Or what people will think or "say" if we change our way)

I don’t care what they’re going to saaaaaaaay

(breathe that one in,

how would that feel when if you embodied this.

How would it feel to not care what people think/say if and when you say NO -

or "no thank you" Sometimes saying no is saying YES to you!)

It’s funny how some distance makes everything feel small.

(This one!!!! It feels big in the moment but space always allows for perspective, for the nervous system to regulate and allow ourselves to see things in a different way)

The fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at AAAALLLLLL

(What happens when you take time to tune in and time away from people, integrate, appreciate and embody a new way of being!

Also can you see how so many things that used to be "scary" for you are not anymore? How you embodied those shifts from fear to love?)

"Let it go, let it'll never see me cry"

(Okay maybe this one I don't agree will likely see me cry and it is okay with me! Can you be okay with this too? How can you let these "big feelings" be okay, not judge them, just love and accept them. Let them flow and be with them as you would another's tears or fears)

It’s time to see what I can do to test the limits I break through.

(Okay - HOORAY for LIMITING BELIEFS showing us where we have placed a limit on what's possible, where we told ourselves "we can't" and needed a reminder to see the infinite possibilities! We are LIMITLESS, we can BE and do ANYTHING so let's break through these limiting beliefs and show up for our dreams! 

*What are your limiting beliefs?

Examples: I will never be able to : (fill in the blank)

(*make money and do what I love, have enough time for work, my family and my relationships, see people when I want to and also have the space for me...and the list goes on)

No right no wrong.

No rules for me.

(Okay as a fellow "good girl" and "rule-follower" THIS ONE! There is freedom in letting go of self-imposed rules to live freely, joyfully and stop thinking you need to "do the right thing". This is false. What feels "right" to you? You get to choose. Don't choose what is right for someone else if it feels "not right" for you. You have the power to FEEL INTO your truth, what is in integrity for you even if nobody else "gets it". If you get it and you make a choice based on this understanding, that is enough. So make your own darn rules and follow them!



I’m never going back. The PAST IS IN THE PAST!

(What are you ready to "let go of?" that is no longer serving you?

A person, a relationship, an environment, a habit, a limiting belief, a "story".

Sometimes we are constantly experiencing the past again and again and it is getting in the way of the present. Of being with the person as they are now, not what happened in the past or keep relieving the fears that used to be when we can finally break up

with them and start anew!)

Let it gooooo let It goooooo! That perfect girl is GONE!

(*Mic drop* Any fellow recovering perfectionists? Perfectionism steals our JOY and especially our authenticity. Let it feel safe to be fully seen and embodied in your truest

most authentic self!)

Here I stand and HERE I STAY! 

Once we allow ourselves to let go of these ways of being, we can stay and play (and BE) in this present moment :) That's where the JOY (and the magic) happens. 

In this moment, right here and right now. 

I've never met Elsa but I can feel how she feels. (Hello superpowers!)

I can relate from a place of having my own experiences that relate to hers. That when I see her sing this song and embody this new way of "being" - it sparks the new awareness and change within too. 


First, make your list. Find clarity in your WANTS and your NEEDS. 

When you know what they are, you can make those conscious choices to allow for these to be. 

And some reminders of "tips" and tools that might help you continue to deepen into embracing, honouring and nurturing those "gifts" and "superpowers"!

SAY NO so you can say YES :)

(If you are saying yes to things to avoid conflict, confrontation or out of "guilt" you are saying no to you. And that sucks! What would you rather be saying yes to in those moments?

Set healthy and clear BOUNDARIES

(without feeling bad or lowering yourself to justify your "no". I heard

"No is a complete sentence". 

Breathe that one in too. 

And simply practice. Practice saying no and it feels more comfortable the more we do it.

And remember: practice makes progress.

“Where you CHOOSE to place your energy


be present is also what “protects” your energy."

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