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Play is the place we practice!

A couple weeks back, I took two weeks off work to PLAY!! I felt that I personally needed to "walk my talk" and fill my cup and go back to basics. Basics meaning: more playtime, time to integrate, just to BE without so much pressure on me.

As a recovering perfectionist, I am reminded of why play is so powerful.

When we play, we take the pressure off. When we play, we get to practice what we've been learning. When we play, we take ourselves so much less seriously. When we play, we get to see things in a different perspective. When we play, we often find a new way.

Not because we are looking for it...but because we aren't looking for anything and that creates the space for the *miracle*, solution, ideas or magical new ways of moving forward to come our way! That's what play therapy and my 3-month coaching program is all about. (Check them out to see if you, your kiddo or someone you know might be a "good fit". I have a few spots opening up and would love to help you find a new way...that involves lots and lots of PLAY!)

Sometimes the biggest shifts happen when we find our FUN and "let go of needing to GET IT DONE".

When we pause, play - we make way for the PIVOT. But the pause and play part are important steps to be able to pivot. Remember that!

When we often have a problem, stressor or something in our life we are looking at and constantly trying to fix...we end up focusing on it HARD. And sometimes it gets even bigger (like a pimple LOL).

Or when we are having an argument and there is a block between you and another (you and your partner, you and your child or you and a friend)...if you keep focusing on "what they did wrong", "what you are angry about", it doesn't always help you find a middle ground, hear each other, or find a way forward that honours both of you. It's like you are just bumping heads instead of meeting heart-to-heart and human-to-human who are equally allowed to be imperfect and learning. When you are angry or sad and your feelings are BIG, you might not be able to find your words.

Personally, play allows the truth to come in and then you find the words and perspective you may never have seen before that. That's the *magic* of play!

Or say, when it comes to health....often we have a problem and we do everything we can to "fix" it, "solve it" or "make it go away". (#beentheredonethat)

Maybe you go from appointment to appointment trying to "fix" it, talking about the problem, stressing about the problem. You eventually start to FEEL like a PROBLEM...and somewhere along the way you (or your child) stop feeling like a person. You decide that you are going to do everything to "feel like you" again when maybe tapping into your fun, your play, and who you really are is the best way to find a healthy, happier, more loving way forward.

I was reminded that "the body heals when we are not looking at it". And that has been my philosophy towards "healing". That maybe we can find a new way to "heal", one that isn't so heavy and one that acknowledges who you are as a person to be loved, rather than a problem to be fixed. A person who has many strengths, many talents, many gifts, many desires, many feelings (and even fears) that just want to be loved one at a time. And many fun ways to connect, to learn, to grow and to PLAY. That is my way to heal. That is how I support both children and parents, allowing their strengths to be nurtured and their areas of growth, fears and feelings to be held lovingly.

So if you are feeling like you are ready for a new way, and perhaps a lot more PLAY. Let's get connected. Book in your 30 minute connection session today so you can find a more playful, supportive and loving way forward!

If you are a parent who is feeling overwhelmed, unsure how to support your child or yourself for that matter and are seeking some additional support, I would love to be in your team, by your side, cheering you all on!

Wait, maybe not like that. That's the point of support. When we have it, we go further and we do it with less *falls*, less stress and more confidence so we can take it one step at a time. (And trust me, I fell enough and made my own mistakes so that I can help you not make the same ones I did - that's the point of having someone support you! And being willing to be courageous enough to fall and still get back up!)

I used to have the words pasted in my room: "You have to learn to walk before you learn to run". (And sometimes even crawling is where we are at).

So today, please let wherever you are be OKAY. Don't run if you are not ready yet. Just like a turtle, slow and steady, when you are ready.

You are perfectly on time and where you are meant to be. So just keep going. You will get wherever you desire to be when you take one step at a time, one day at a time. Keep your momentum and keep having fun with each step (skip) or crawl you take. Don't take yourself too seriously and let your falls be funny (like that girl in the GIF) or at least be gentle with yourself when you fall. Give yourself all the space, kindness, compassion and gentleness you need until you are ready to get back up and try try again. I promise you will. When YOU are ready. On your own timeline. When your own inner knowing gives you that nudge to take a step, make a call, say that thing you feel called to say, or take that time away to play that you need. Or to book in that call with someone who cares about helping you be the person you want to be or seeking that support so you can say YES to you! All of those things are steps. So take whichever ones you are called to do!

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