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What was the moment for YOU 🧘🏼‍♀️ (Let's remember together)

Every week on our “Monday Meditations”(or as I like to call them: “Magical Monday Meditations”), we end off the session by sharing our *feeling* “word of the week”.

It’s like by naming this word, we create the intention for a) how we want to FEEL or b) our anchor point, our focus or something guiding us through the week ahead.

I like to guide people in this...guiding how to listen to their soul, their own inner knowing or their heart -- and not “THINK of the word” but rather FEEL into the word and let it come to them.

As I was guiding the meditation and this “ending part”, I allowed myself to feel for my own word of the week. This one surprised me and to be honest, I didn’t exactly know what it meant at first.

The word I received for this week was: REMEMBER. 🤔

What did that mean!?

There are so many things we remember. Was it about remembering certain times in my life? Or was it about feeling FREE of what is no longer ME? Or was it about remembering how things used to be so I can see how far I have come?

Remembering can be so many things!

I like how people talk about the idea that we come in as this “blank slate” and then we build beliefs that eventually become our habits and what we choose our actions from. Like an itty bitty baby that has no prior beliefs ingrained in them and lives joyfully and free! But then eventually there is a moment... a moment that something changes.

For instance, being a kid who got bullied might form the belief: “I am not like-able and other people are better than me.” Which might translate into a learned “coping mechanism” to deal with this belief.

Coping mechanism: “If I’m nice to everyone then nobody can bully me or be mean to me” or “If they are mean to me, I am going to be mean right back” or “It is safer to be alone because nobody can hurt me.”

But how might that child have been before these learned beliefs and “coping mechanisms” came into place?

🤯 Maybe that’s REMEMBERING.

Remembering the “truth” before the beliefs came in. PS these “beliefs” are simply that, but they are not true... even if they feel so freaking true.

So what was that MOMENT for you?

I often find that children are such great reminders of what is true. There is this way...before a certain time... when we suddenly learn “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, we are fountains of TRUTH. Before that “belief” or “message” was taken in, we speak our truth (without always thinking of how it may be received).

There is something truly refreshing about being around kids because you know that they are going to tell you the truth, what they think, how they feel and they don’t really care how it comes out.

Do you remember that? Do you remember how it felt to be that kid? To not think so much, to not WORRY so much and to decide that saying what is true matters more than “saying the kind, the polite, the right (or the people-pleasing) thing”?

Or was there a moment that you learned that “some feelings are good and some feelings are bad”, or “girls are not supposed to show anger” or “boys don’t cry”. These are the “beliefs” that can get programmed into us when we didn’t know any better to question it. When someone we look up to or love showed us “their truth” and we wholeheartedly let it become our own. When we believed somebody else’s belief and let it become ours.

So maybe that’s what REMEMBERING is.

Remembering the moments that you started believing in something, without really questioning what is true for you? The moments that set your life in a certain direction, the moments that told you how to act and who to be. If you can remember those pivotal moments, maybe REMEMBERING can lead to “unremembering” or better yet, CHOOSING. Choosing from here on out:

⚡️How do I want to live?

⚡️How do I CHOOSE to show up?

⚡️What feels truest and most authentic to ME?

SEE! Now that feels so much truer and more loving than listening to the beliefs of others and letting them dictate our lives!

So what was that moment for you and what is that “remembering” teaching you?


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